Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Mini Roadshow 2017


Date: 6 & 7 February 2017
Time: 10:30am – 3:30pm
Venue: Block A, Outside Koufu

A team of enthusiastic students from Event Management & Roadshow (EMRS) Team 3 came together to organize our first event which is a Mini Roadshow at Block A, outside Koufu. Our given theme for this event was “Green” being environmentally friendly. Since the event date was close to Valentine’s Day, we as a team decided to add in Valentine’s theme as well. Having both Green and Valentine’s theme, we worked towards the path to put an event together. Since it was our first event, we wanted to make it extraordinary.

The objective of this event is to promote green and create awareness about being environmentally friendly by using products that are recycled or organic.

Roles & Responsibilities
Overall In-Charge: Rong Jun & Rishi
Finance: Hariz & Qi Fang
Logistics: Erika & Shee Li
Advertising & Promotion: Panat & Shu Zhen

Once we had potential on the theme, we started to source for vendors and we managed to come up with close to 15 vendors. The vendors we chose had to be registered under ACRA. We then emailed the vendors and only 4 of them responded. Out of the 4, 2 of the vendors responded on time but we had to choose one as the other vendor did not confirm their participation and the other 2 vendors showed interests after we had selected and confirmed our 2 vendors for the event. The second vendor who is our perfume vendor, volunteered to participate in this event as they had positive working experience with us in the past.

Our next thought was how we were going to store the stocks. For the perfume, we kept it in our teacher’s room away from direct sunlight but the real problem arises with chocolates as we do not want them to melt over the weekends. Since for our CEO Networking event, we collaborated with L’café in the library, we asked them if we could store the chocolates in their chiller over the weekend and they agreed.

We then discussed with Team 2 about the location to setup of the booths. Both teams had 2 choices to choose from, one would be outside of Koufu near the entrance and the other location would be in front of the escalator that leads to the engineering block. We then agreed on choosing the location to place our booth at the front of the escalator that leads to the engineering block.

After that, we split the team into groups to focus on A&P, booth design, banner design and layout. We planned how we were going to display their products and made a menu board. We also did price tags to display on our booth for chocolates.

We had to also plan out the banner which carries our tagline that matches to our theme. We came up with multiple taglines and voted for the best one which says; “Sustain the Earth with Your Love’’. Since our banner was tied to 2 bamboo poles, it was not stable enough so we attached the bamboo poles to 2 standees and made the banner higher and more stable.

Once we had confirmed the design for the posters and flyers, we put up the signages around the school to create awareness. Not only that, we also contacted The Write Stuff to help us post on Nanyang Polytechnic’s Instagram and gave out flyers around the school to create awareness of our event.



Our menu board

Instagram post

Event Day 1
On the first day of the event at 9am, some of us went down to take the equipment from the fixtures room and we completed our set up around 10.20am. After having our lunch at 12pm, some of us went to do mobile selling for chocolates as we had a quota to hit. According to the manpower allocation table we did, there should be at least 4-5 people at the booth. The sales did not meet our expectations but we were motivated to keep on selling our products.

The event ended at 3.30pm and we split up by some of us bringing the stocks to EMRS room to do stock take, while the rest dismantled the booth and return the equipment to the fixtures room. Once we were done with housekeeping, we then discussed about the mistakes we made on the first day. All of us observed that the 14 of us were at the booth towards the end of the event, coming to a conclusion that changes were needed to the current manpower allocation table in order to maximise the time given. At the end of the day, some of us planned a new manpower allocation table for Day 2.

Event Day 2
On the second day, we gathered and did a briefing in the morning about the new and updated manpower planning. We managed to set up the booth in an hour. Throughout the day, we placed not more than 5 people at the booth and the rest took turns to go on shifts for mobile selling. The sales did increase for the second day by close to a double, as we managed to sell more than 60% of our stocks. At 3.30pm, we started to tear down the booth and did stock take and by 4.30pm we returned to our EMRS room to calculate our total sales for both days.

After the event, we did housekeeping and made sure the equipment we took from both EMRS and Fixtures room were returned correctly. We did stock take to see if the quantities sold and the amount we earned, tallies for both chocolates and perfumes.

After the stock take, we found out that there was one missing sea salt flavoured chocolate and had one extra peanut flavoured chocolate. There were also discrepancies for perfumes too. At the end of the day, we came up with a conclusion that since we were unable to find the missing stocks, we would pay up the amount that costs for the missing stocks. In the end, we managed to return the stocks to their respective vendors in good condition.

Conclusion & Learning points
In conclusion, we managed to show great teamwork and communication skills. All of us took initiative to help each other at different tasks. Despite our products being expensive to the students with them being our main target audience, we managed to sell more than half thanks to the hard work, motivation and determination of the team.

Though there were discrepancies, we managed to come up with a conclusion that everyone agreed. It showed the support that everyone has for each other in the team. Everyone managed not to be too stressed about this matter as discrepancies often happen when events take place. It showed teamwork among us as we were ready to pay the amount we had to pay for the missing stocks. From this, we learnt that there should be another person taking note of every sales as a backup if there were any mistakes made resulting in extra or little stocks.

We did not hit our sales target, however we did well as the sales exceeded our expectations after seeing the sales for the first day. All of us took this experience as a stepping stone as we came from different specialisations and will try to improve in the next upcoming events.

Lastly, this event has exposed us to opportunities and challenges on how to organise an event from scratch. For instance, the importance of prioritising and time management to better manage the effect of time pressure. This made us stronger as a team by understanding each individual’s strengths and weaknesses.