Monday, November 28, 2016

@Future Retail Career Fair 2016

Date: 16 November 2016
Time: 11am to 5.30pm
Venue: NYP Atrium
Guest-of-Honour: Ms Low Yen Ling, Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Trade and Industry

Event Background
@FUTURERETAIL2016 was an inaugural Retail Career Fair organised by the five polytechnics to allow students to better appreciate the career in the retail industry. About 30 retailers participated in the fair, showcasing enhanced job opportunities and required technical skill sets for the industry.  

At the start of the event, we assigned roles to each members in the team. We also made discussion and gave suggestions to the different details of the event. All the members contributed to the planning of Retail Career Fair.

Advertising and Promotions (A&P)
We created an Instagram page on 25th October 2016 to put all our event information up. We have also followed all the official Instagram accounts of the partner retailers, 5 Polytechnics and 3 ITE Colleges, and our sponsors. This was done to update them regularly on our event and our followers to view the page.


We were in charge of managing the financial costs required for our event. The budget given to carry out the event was $1,825 of which it was split into 3 categories, Grand Lucky Draw & Game booth prizes, Giveaways and Decorations/printing.

Grand Lucky Draw
After getting the budget of $434.70 from the Finance team, initially we wanted to get 4 prizes. However, after discussing, we realised that participants might not be attracted to stay as the prizes to be won is very little. Thus, we decided to increase the number of prizes to 10.

We are planning the lucky draw for the Career fair, thus we came up with 1 question for each companies and we seek approval from the companies whether the questions were appropriate. After confirming all the questions, we are required to print out 1200 flyers to be given out and stamped all 1200 flyers with the serial number chop.

For the flyers, we wanted to create a perforated area where the participants are able to tear away and keep so that they are able to present it when we announce the winners. We decided to create serial numbers on both of the paper so we are able to match the winners.

Example of our flyer

Given out to:
Number of Flyers:
Students attending seminar
Kacang Puteh Instagram
Games booth
Coolgurt booth
Lucky draw booth
Ushers giving out
5 weeks before the event, the logistics team started to plan out the floorplan and decide the measurement of the vendor booths. We went down to the Atrium to take down the exact measurement of where our partner retailer’s booths start and end, as well as, set the placement of each company and other booths, such as games, Grand Lucky Draw, Coolgurt, popcorn and candy floss.

We came up with the ‘Mix ‘N’ Match Retail Game’. It was able to perfectly fit into the theme of futuristic retail. Not only does it provide a diverse way of showcasing information about current innovations, it also makes the game fun and interactive for the participants to play.

Games Infographic
We have researched intensively on the topic of concern, basically future retail. We have to ensure that the infographics used were related to the vendors in some aspect.

The game booth was initially placed all the way at the side of the auditorium and completed divorced from the event, as we thought that there would be enough space there. However, after much discussion the team decided that it was for the best if we place them at the side beside the booths to incorporate them into the fair.

Food Vendors
To entice students to visit the career fair, our team had decided to invite food vendors to be at the event.

We contacted Coolgurt 3 weeks before our event and negotiated with the contact person, Jess.  Jess was very cooperative hence we managed to purchase 150 cups of Frozen Yogurt at only $300. She also gave us 150 complimentary customized label to enhance our event.

Besides Coolgurt, we also source for popcorn and cotton candy vendors. We searched for the cheapest vendors and enquire on the prices. We contacted Partymojo, Jnrentertainment, Candyhouse and Event Guru.

All of the vendors quoted us $550 to $640 for 5 hours however, we were able to persuade Partymojo to quote us $500. After proposing and waiting for approval, in the end we chose a 5 hours bundled package costing $580 from Event Guru which include free flow of popcorn and cotton candy, delivery, equipment and manpower. In conclusion, contacting the vendors maybe tedious but is a great learning platform for us.

During Event

Setting Up
On the day of the event, our team came in at 8am to have a briefing and do the setup of the event. We placed the required tables at the designated areas, put up all the posters and name boards and decorated the lucky draw and Coolgurt booths.

Vendors started to arrive at 8.30am to set up their booths, with the help of the team. The team also ensured that the needs of the vendors were met in order for the event to run smoothly.

Advertising and Promotions (A&P)
During the event, we uploaded a series of Instagram story onto our @futureretail2016 account.Constant updates of what was happening at the event was uploaded where people could easily check out with their mobile. Our highest views for the Instagram story was 148 and the lowest of 59.

Free kachang puteh was given out on the event day as well to draw in more crowd and allow more people to know about us.

We also encouraged the students who were hanging around in the Atrium to come over to the Coolgurt redemption booth. Our team members were always ready to explain to the people on how to take part and get a free Coolgurt by taking a photo in front of the Career Fair banner and posting onto their Instagram account with #FUTURERETAIL2016. Many people uploaded group photos taken at the event and with the Coolgurt redemption going on, we managed to gather a total of 255 photos with the hashtag “#FUTURERETAIL2016”.

On the day of the event, we realised that some of the estimation for the logistic items were wrong. Items like the queue poles were over-estimated and chairs and water were underestimated. Luckily, we had stand by water in the logistics room.

The layout also had to be adjusted. The Emcee booth was being moved to the other side of the Atrium as the speakers could only be connected there.

There were vendors, such as Esprit and Montreal, who were unhappy with the location of their booths and even requested for a change in its booth location to one that they thought to be more optimal. However, after explaining they were fine with where they were being placed at.

Grand Lucky Draw
During the event, the flyers was given out slowly. There were people who approached the retailers' booth to find out the answers which actually was our intended purpose.

Turn Up Rate
We had originally planned for 200 visitors to play our game and as such prepared 200 goodie bags to accommodate our estimation. In order to aid in the counting and accounting for the number of participants playing our game, we made viewing our Instagram stories an eligibility requirement that precedes the game.

We have a rough total of 124 players. Thus, we have slightly overstated the potential visitors that will be playing our game. During the duration of the Retail Career Fair, there were 2 peak periods: lunch break period and post seminar period. The game booth received the majority of its participation from these 2 periods.

Food Vendors
On the event day, Jess from Coolgurt, gave us an addition of 90 coolgurts for us to giveaway. Hence, part of the team members went up to EMRS room to print and cut 90 more coupons. Moreover, Jess and her staffs were very friendly as they helped us to giveaway the free coolgurt. Hence, with some help from the Jess’ staffs, we were able to manage the crowd.

The popcorn and candyfloss booth also drew in big crowds of students.

Partner Retailers
During the day of the event, some of us went around to interact with the vendors to see what they have to say about the event. The most common response we have gotten was that there were many students that turned up but not many signed up.

Most of which that turned up had the wrong mindset of just wanting to collect freebies and not interact with the booths for information regarding the retail industry.

Retailers also brought their own posters and our team provided them with velcros to attach it onto the panel.


Tear Down
After the end of the prize presentation for the Grand Lucky Draw, we started doing our tear down. We had to ensure that all the fans were switched off and removed all the duct tape off the floor. We also took down all the posters and name boards in order for the contractors to start dismantling.

Our team members disposing off rubbish after event ended

Advertising and Promotions (A&P)
After the event ended, we concluded by posting a picture of one of the Grand Lucky Draw winner and thanked everyone for staying with us during the event. Our last post for the event day was a short video of our team members with Miss Low Yen Ling shouting “@futureretail”. We ended off by thanking her for gracing our event.

After the event ended, we had to tie up the loose ends. We are required to create a claim form for all the items that we had spent on. Miss Choo was in charge of claiming for the game prizes and miscellaneous items. Thus, we only had to do a claim form for Mr Sudesh who paid for the grand lucky draw prizes and printing fee.

Grand Lucky Draw
We planned to give out 1200 flyers however we were left with 83 flyers. Even though we gave out 1117 flyers, there is only 693 participants. Furthermore, even though they had placed their entry form in the box, they did not stay till 5pm for the announcement of winners.

Grand Lucky Draw Winners

After the event ended, the team started to pack up and return the fixtures into the logistics room with the usage of trolleys. We ensured that all fixtures were returned back and placed neatly and checked the quantities were correct before signing out.

In summary, the past 4 weeks of planning for Retail Career Fair 2016, was a memorable one. Though all of us complaint on how troublesome and demanding the event was, it was really satisfying to see all the partner retailers and students attending our event. Through this event, we got to learn more on executing events, as well as thinking critically in all aspects of the event.