Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Outreach Programme 2016

Date: 9th – 10th November 2016
Venue: School of Business Management/ EMRS Room
Duration: 9.30am-11.45am (9th Nov)
                   1.30pm-2pm (10th Nov)
Overall In-Charge: Soh Jin Fen & Khor Cheng Zhan
Facilitators: Isaac Lee, Vivien Lee, Lim Yi Jie, Yong Yeow Chung
Photographer: Tan Hui Lin
About Event:
Outreach Programme 2016 is a two day event held on the 9th and 10th November. Students from various Secondary Schools were invited to NYP to have a tour around the school and to visit the various TEP Centers at SBM to personally experience and understand the studying and learning environment in SBM. On the 2nd day, the students gathered at EMRS room whereby another mini activity will be conducted. This activity was more relatable in letting them know more about retail and events management.
As a mini activity has to be conducted for the students to participate in, our team decided to play a mini treasure hunt in hope of letting them be more familiarized with SBM during the game. We came up with 7 different stations whereby each station had one specific game for the students to play. If the students manage to win the game, they would obtain a hint which would lead them to a final destination which they have to guess.

Balloon Popping Game

Students actively participating in the game

Paper Basketball Game

Bottle Cap Flicking Game

Facilitators vs. Students

Flip Cup Game
Two days before the event day (7th Nov), both the Overall In-Charge went out to buy the necessary items which were needed for the event such as sweets, chocolates, and balloons etc. On 8th November, the items needed for the actual event day are being prepared such as blowing of balloons, packing of goodie bags, and printing & cutting of materials. After the preparation, a final briefing is done to ensure that the whole team has a clear understanding on what is needed to be done to make sure that everything will go well for the actual event.
Event Day

9th Nov: On the event day at 930am, we were split into two different groups to carry out different tasks. Both the OICs went off to fetch the students while the other facilitators went to the logistics room to collect and set up the game stations. Upon fetching the students, we showed the students around SBM to prepare them for the activities. After the tour, the students arrived at the Retail Lab for a short presentation on information about SBM courses, TEP Centers and OSEP. At 10.30am, one of the OICs went on to bring the students down to the North Canteen for their break where food is catered for them. Meanwhile, when the students were at break, the other OICs and the facilitators went to the various game zones to set up game booths. After the break, the OICs briefed the students on the game rules and they proceeded with the activities. After they were done with the activities, the OICs brought them back to the retail lab for a debrief and also played a kahoot quiz held there.

Presentation briefing on SBM for the students

Interactive conversation with Ms. Winnie Quek

Interactive sessions after briefing

Breakfast Time!

Giving instructions for the ‘Treasure Hunting’ game

Kahoot Quiz Time!

Students attempting the Kahoot Questions
10th Nov: The event started at 1pm and lasted for a short 30minutes, even though the duration was short, we tried to make it as interactive as possible and involved all the students to participate in the activity. Due to time constraint, we held a mini game whereby students are being formed into groups of 6-7 to guess on a list of events that has been held in Singapore before. Through this activity, we hope to introduce and expose them to something that is relatable to events management, and also to test the students’ knowledge on how much they actually knew about the types of events that has occurred in Singapore.

Giving game instructions

Students actively discussing about the game!

Prize Giving

After the mini game!!
Even though the event is pretty small scale, everyone had fun while also learning about the planning and execution aspect of an event. We learned about how important the planning stage of an event is and that without proper planning, we would not have been able to successfully carry out the event. Along the way, we faced some unexpected problems such as last minute changes. We kept calm and successfully overcame them. Through this event, we learned first-hand about the Murphy’s Law; where anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. In conclusion, everyone did their part well and contributed to the success of the event while also having fun with the planning and executing of the event.