Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Retail Seminar 2016

Date: 16th November 2016

Venue: Nanyang Polytechnic Theatre for the Arts

Duration: 1.30pm – 4pm

About Event:
This first Joint Polytechnic-ITE Retail Seminar and Career Fair is a joint effort from all 5 Polytechnics & ITE with strong support from SPRING Singapore and Workforce Singapore (WSG) to create an annual iconic event to evaluate the image of retail as a promising career choice and highlight the new & emerging skillsets required from a transformed retail industry.

The team went to recce the Theatre for the Arts and atrium to better visualise the whole event. 

Recce of place to determine GOH’s route to the TFA

and also the route for our guests to reach the TFA.

The briefing for Retail Seminar 2016 was conducted on the 14th of November in EMRS room by the OICs (Yati & Isaac).

A half day rehearsal was conducted on 15th November where we actually had a dry run of the whole event.
Emcees rehearsing
Testing out slides, light & sound system

Event Day

Set Up (8:30am):
On the event day itself, our team reported at 8:30am in the EMRS room. A short briefing was conducted before we split into groups and went to set up for the event.
The set-up was completed in a few hours before the event started.

Rehearsal (10am):
We had our second and last rehearsal at 10am that day.

Setting up slides

Pasting seat labels
Poster done by Eric & Peggy
At 1:30pm, the students and guests started to enter the TFA. The speakers also uploaded their respective slides into the laptop at the rostrum.

By 1.55pm, all the guests were seated. The emcees started the event and shortly after, the Guest of Honour, Ms Low Yen Ling arrived.

Speech by Guests

Ms Loh Chuu Yi giving her opening speech after the Minister sat down.

Ms Low Yen Ling giving her interesting speech.

Here are some of the Wefies and Pictures taken!

Speech by Speakers

Mr Karthik Subramaniam,
Chief Technology Officer

There were some technical issues during Mr Karthik's presentation as the screen was not showing fully. Thankfully, we managed to resolve the problem so that we could get back on track.

Ms Chia Wai Jyy,
Head of Human Resources

Charles & Keith Group

Mr Tan Kwang Cheak,
Chief Human Resource Officer

NTUC FairPrice
Co-operative Limited

Polling Activity

Our emcees interacting with the audience during the polling session
Question & Answer (Q&A)

After the polling session, we had a short Q&A session with the speakers for students to ask any questions they had.
Token of Appreciation for our Guest & Speakers

End of event

The event ended around 4pm after the token of appreciation ceremony. Afterwhich, we started to clear up the venue and return the fixtures we borrowed to the fixture room. Our team reported back at the EMRS room at 5pm for a debrief by Ms Quek. We were dismissed by 5.30pm.
All in all, the event went on smoothly even though there were minor hiccups before and during the event. We managed to work as a team and surpassed the problems to make this event a success! We also learnt that no matter how much you have planned, there will always be circumstances which will alter the initial planning.