Wednesday, December 7, 2016

SBM International Fair 2016

Date: 30 November 2016

Time: 11am - 5pm

Venue: Block B, Level 2, Foyer and Seminar Rooms

The objective of every year’s SBM International Fair is to allow SBM year 1 and 2 students to learn more about the Overseas Student Exchange Program (OSEP). The OSEP students from the different countries would also be there to share about their universities. Since this was our last event, we wanted to end our stint in EMRS with a bang!

Considering that the theme we have come up with for this year’s fair is ‘’Friendship’’, we used the picture of a globe surrounded by people of different races holding hands on all our A&P materials.

Main Event Poster

International Fair Brochure

Pre Event

Before the actual day of the event, we met up with the OSEP students to brief them on what they needed to prepare for their respective booths. We went down to the foyer to plan our floor layout and took measurements. Our decorations for the venue consisted of 4 main items: a Christmas tree, an arrival arch for the entrance, banners of flags to hang between the vents and lastly a photo booth for students to take photos. We also came up with a sandwich board that we can put on to promote around SBM and friendship bands to give out as prizes for our own game booth.

Photo booth and Christmas tree created by the team!

Yi Jie and Vivien cutting the A&P materials

Yeow Chung and Jing Zhan doing the sandwich board.

Team 3 working hard on the A&P materials!

Pre Event Publicity

In order to reach out to more students, we went to different lectures to promote more about the event. We also sought approval to place our posters around SBM and to be included in the school’s computer system.

Event poster students see when they start up the school computer

Yeow Chung going around to put up posters

Event day

Set up (8.15am)
On the event day, our team reported at 8.15am in the EMRS room. Afterwards, we split into groups according to the allocated tasks. The setup was smooth as we managed to set up the venue before the estimated time. By 10.30am we were ready to start the event.

Yeow Chung and Yati putting the flag banner

Yeow Chung and Jing Zhan carrying the arrival arch to the venue.



OSEP students in their traditional costumes and ready for the event!

Actual Event (11am)
As students had lessons and ICA in the morning, we didn’t get as many students as expected. However in the afternoon, we could see that more students started pouring in. Our promoters went around SBM to attract students to visit our event.

Jing Zhan and Jin Fen going around SBM block and atrium to promote!

Waiting for students’ arrival

Student receiving stamps after playing the game


Talks by different universities

Students playing 3 facts, 2 lies game

End of Event (5pm)
The whole event ended at 5pm. After which, the whole team started to tear down the event together. We cleaned up the venue and returned all logistics that were borrowed to the fixtures room. By 5.45pm, the venue was returned to original state. The whole team reported back at EMRS room and we were dismissed by 6pm.

To conclude SBM International Fair, even though the team faced some obstacles before and during the event, we managed to overcome all odds as a team to deliver a successful event at the end of the day. It was a fun and enjoyable 7 weeks and we definitely gained useful skills during our time at EMRS.