Monday, January 5, 2015

Toggle Event 2014

“Toggle x Jingle Bell Fair 2014” – by EMRS Team 2


The members from Team 2 comprises of Janice, Masturah, Keith, Shirley, Yao Kun, Dennison, Sophia, Pin Er, Yang Kai, Sze Yan, Damien, Su Ning, Shammini, Yu Ping!

Initially, it was just the 10 of us; then, the 4 students from DBI joined during the second week. We bonded quickly over a breakfast session (courtesy of a Secret Santa who treated us Macs breakfast). Then, it was time to start preparing for the Toggle Event!

EMRS Team 2 (;



The team spent over a week preparing for the Toggle event. We spilt our roles in accordance to Overall-in-charge (OIC Masturah), Assistant overall-in-charge (AIC Janice), Logistics team (Keith, Yangkai, Yao Kun and Damien), Advertising & Publicity team (Sze Yan, Sophia, Shammini, Su Ning, Shirley) and Finance team (Dennison, Pin Er and Sam).

The objective of the Toggle Event was to promote brand recognition among students and staff in NYP. Individuals are to register the Toggle App and like their Facebook page.


The very enthusiastic Mas looking forward to the next celebrity!


Our A&P team busy cutting out the flyers

This event was partially planned by the ex-EMRS Team, and we continued from where they left. The previous team conceptualised on having artistes to perform and registration for the Toggle App.

As a team, we sat down as a group to brainstorm on ideas and inputs and disseminating the various tasks to the different teams.

The crucial part was the holding room which was assigned to the logistics team. Our client, Toggle required a holding room for their artistes. Our team thought of different ideas as how to go about building a holding room and finally decided on using the gazebo (tent) and carpets to cover the sides.

One of the challenges was to draw the crowd during the peak hour from 12 to 2pm. Thus, our team members gave out flyers before the day of the event to inform the students regarding our event.


A chance to meet-and-greet with these celebrities!!


Cheerful students registering at the Toggle booth!


Our teammate, Damien, holding the Toggle poster J
Event day
During the pre-event, the team members were allocated to different tasks, such as setting up of holding-room, registration booth and backdrop. We had to make last minute changes to the holding room thus, the logistics team and other members helped out in order to put it up in time.
Registration for Toggle started at 11am, and after that, individuals can proceed to the Sure-Win lucky-draw where they can win attractive prizes.


Individuals downloading the Toggle app


Contestant who won the 1st lucky draw prize at 11.30am that day! 


The 98.7FM deejay, Kimberly, conducting an interview with some lucky NYP students. 


Performances/Meet&Greet by the artistes


There were sensational performances by artistes such as Farisha Ishak (Final 1 Winner), Reuby Tan (Rising Star of 987FM), Alfred Sim (Project Superstar).

Kimberly Wang (987FM DJ) hosted the Meet & Greet by MediaCorp artistes; Zhang Zhen Huan, James Seah, Jeffrey Xu & Daren Tan. The artistes sportingly gave out flyers to the audience.


After event evaluation

We’re pleased to say that this whole event ended on a good note. We managed to meet our objectives of Toggle event which was to raise awareness for Toggle among NYP students and staff. We were quite amazed that a fan club attended the event as well (even though they were not students from NYP).

The overall response was better than expected and we are glad to say that this event enabled us to work as a team.


Cheers, team 2 



Here's a short preview of the Toggle x Jingle Bell Fair 2014 :-)