Thursday, January 8, 2015

Mini Roadshow 2014

Mini Roadshow 2014 - Team 3

Date: 30 December 2014
Time: 10.30am - 3.30pm
Theme: Rejuvenate
Decorations: floral/garden
Objective: To sell MSC products and to achieve a sales target of $200/-

After our team successfully concluded the Events Specialisation Day, we were given a choice to do a mini roadshow on 30 December 2014 together with Team 4 or not. Without any hesitation, we decided to take up the challenge with Team 4. We drew lots and picked products from MSC studio whereas team 4 picked products from Cheers.

The MSC items we chose to sell at the mini roadshow were:
- Perfumes
- Lip stains/ Lipsticks
- Masks
- Scented candles
- SanDisk thumb drives
- POLA/Bobdog/Didi Milk tablet snacks
- iPhone 5 casings
- Selfie sticks

Part of the pre-event preparations included doing up a poster and decorations for the booth. With our teammates' creativity and co-operation among the team members, we were able to finish all preparations before the actual day of the mini roadshow.

Poster done using Adobe Photoshop, by our A&P OIC, Peng Xiang. 

Initially done with the intention of using it as a backdrop, but due to lack of space, we pasted it with the signage stand.

The signage stand done by Siti and Yan Xing; showing the type of products we were selling.

Price tags.
"Rejuvenate" banner, the theme for mini roadshow.

Set-up and decorating our booth for the mini roadshow:


All set and ready for the start of the event.

To facilitate better sales, we split the team to two, mobile sales and booth sales. Siti, Yan Xing, Ling Zhi, and Shi Yin were the mobile team, and they went around the campus to garner as much sales as they can. The rest of us stayed at the booth, but unfortunately due to term break, there were very few students in the campus.  Thus, sales at the booth were not as good as the mobile team.

Into the first hour of the mini roadshow, we managed to sell all the snacks. Because we only had a few hours left to the end of the roadshow, the mobile team suggested taking some of the thumbdrives, candles, and soap to the lecturers' office to try sell to the lecturers in the campus.

Lucky enough, we were able to garner a lot of sales in the last hour of the event, thanks to the support from the lecturers who bought from us. As it was the end of our event, the team started with the tear down.

Tear down after the event:

Samuel, in the midst of stock counting to ensure no stock discrepancies. After that all the stocks were packed neatly into boxes and brought back to class.

After completing the tear-down, we headed back to the EMRS room to re-count the stocks and cash collected from the event. All in all, we had a great time planning and executing the mini roadshow event. From learning how to do A&P, set-up, decorating to stock taking and recording cash collected, we all had some take-aways from this event. Although this marked the last event of our EMRS stint, the bond that our team built, the friendship built and the memories throughout our EMRS journey will never be forgotten.