Thursday, January 1, 2015

Event Specialization Day

Event Specialization Day 2014 - Team 3

Date: 17th December 2014, Wednesday

This is the third event carried out by our team. Event Specialization Day which was a one day event. Event Specialization Day was an important day for the event specialization students to set up their booth, and present their ideas to the judges to be graded.
The OICs of the event, Siti & Yan Xing, did up the floor plan a few weeks before the event and did the floor marking together with the team a day prior the event date. The set-up was smooth and and we were able to complete it in less than two hours!

Set up:

And... we are done with the setting up! Moving on to the main event where the students have to set up their own booths.

Actual event (Set up of booth by the students):

Actual event (Set up is completed):

Actual event (Grading Time!):

After the grading, we assisted to collect the peer evaluation & grading sheets and everyone gathered to take a group photo.

We returned the fixtures after the event has completed. It was a successful event and we definitely enjoyed seeing the displays done up by our event specialization students.