Thursday, October 30, 2014

Back-To-School Fun Affair

Back-To-School Fun Affair
The Back-to-school Fair was held on the 20th and 21th of October 2014. It had a carnival theme with a catchy tagline; “A FUN AFFAIR”.

The objective of this fair is to hype up the students for the first week of school and to give them a little treat, which we prefer to call them as Back-to-School gifts, since it is the first day! In this fair, there were many promotions offered to all students, even the staff.

Fun Affair Flyers.

It was a definitely a fun affair for the teams that were involved in the preparation as well as in the execution of this fair. The OICs for this event worked hard to liaise with the vendors, making sure the decorations are of quality and making this event a success.

The spiderweb decorations to grab attentions.

The booth decorations.

The Setting Up.

At the same time, we also learnt how to manage our time well and to ensure that the event started and ended at the stipulated timing as well as ensure that the event activities flow well. Team 3 and Team 4 worked hand-in-hand with each other to make this event a fun and memorable one for all, including the vendors that were engaged with us for this event.

The Maku Flyer.

The vendors for this fair consisted of Dispensary, BodyPac, Acecom, LaoBan, Coolgurt,Klarity,Techventis as well as Maku.

Maku and Techventis were held on consignment basis and that got us “busy like a bee”.We had to prepare the price tags, packed the stocks as well as the visual merchandising. We also had to designed posters to be distributed in school so as to create awareness for the vendor.Team 4 worked tediously to beautify and decorate the event according to the theme. With the limited budget that they had , they put their creativity and artistry skills to the test. Team 4 came up with colourful flags of various patterns and designs, blown and tied colourful balloons as well as adroitly designed posters that were simply classy and eye-catching.

The Vendors.

We also had DJs and Emcees to help us in hyping up the atmosphere for the fair!
The DJs.

The Emcee.

Event Outcome

We felt that our event was a huge success. We managed to exceed our sales target and learnt a lot about preparing and executing an event. All in all, it was a fun and memorable experience for EMRS Teams 3 and 4.