Thursday, October 9, 2014

KLARITY Student Workshop

Planning stage

On the last week of September , the overall-in-charge (OIC) of this event Athirah and Stephanie, went to meet the Managing director and the brand executive to discuss the preferred venue  for the workshop to learn about their expectations regarding this event. Thereafter, we replied through emails and phone calls. We had communication breakdown as they were not very prompt in replying the emails. However, we managed to overcome this by continuously calling them to receive updates regarding the event. We also proposed a floor plan and the manpower list for the execution of event.
Final floor plan

Arrangement of tables and chairs: 
Athirah | Sakinah | Wen Rui | Stephanie

Event Execution 

For the students' workshop, the students were divided into 2 sessions.
|Session 1|  10:30am - 11:30am
|Session 2|  11:50am - 12:50pm

Before the event, Stephanie, Mei Jia and Ming Ming waited for the representatives from KLARITY to call and they went down to get the goodie bags before we could pack them.

Yee Chian, the brand executive went to B.409 to share with the team how the packing or the goodie bags should be done. The goodie bags consist of their lasertox CC cream sample, a brochure as well as a discount coupon for online purchase.

Packing of goodie bags:
Wen Ting | Angelyn | Wen Rui

display of goodie bags
product display at the front
We assigned our team-mates to be in charge of registration during the event. The talk may commended when majority of the students have arrived.
|In charge for registration|
Session 1: Sonia
Session 2: Sakinah
speaker of the day
During the talk itself, Klarity showed informational videos regarding our skin and their products. Thereafter, the managing director of Klarity, Karine, demonstrated the CC cream and how the cream can lighten our skin tone. 

product demonstration
After the demonstration, the products were passed around for the attendees to try and have a closer look.

One of the products that was passed around; CC cream

testing the products
|Giving out the goodie bags|
Session 1: Ming Ming, Mei Jia
Session 2: Yong Si, Wen Ting

After the event ended, we re-arranged  the tables and chairs and also returned the fixtures used.

Overall, we felt that we did well for this event despite some hiccups. The team members displayed good teamwork and we learnt to be more patient and meticulous when dealt with external parties.

credit; all photos were taken by Kah chin & Athirah