Thursday, December 18, 2014

Jingle Bell Fair

Jingle Bell Fair  - Team 3 & 4

The Jingle Bell Fair was held from 8 December to 11 December 2014.

It was our teams second event, compared to the previous retail seminar which was just a starter, this was a yearly mega event whereby we got external vendors to collaborate with Nanyang Polytechnic for this Jingle Bell Fair and had Mediacorp artistes gracing our event on 10 December.
                                                      Jingle Bell Fair 2014 Poster/Flyers


Setting up~


The OICs for this event worked hard to liaise with the vendors in making sure that there were a wide variety of products for this fair. Vendors who participated in our fair included Cotton On Body, Typo, Rubi, Soap Ministry, Guru Nice Bakery, Coolgurt, The Dispensary, Mocol, Punkcandy, Faburikku and The Addict Store. Not forgetting the team in charge of advertising and promotion, doing up the posters and flyers to raise awareness of our event. Without each and everyone's help, this event would not have been a success.
                                                                     The Vendors

                                                                     Soap Ministry

                                                                         Guru Nice Bakery


                                                                          The Dispensary

                                                          Setting up and displaying stocks




                                                                            Event itself











We invited performers from the Guitar club, and NYP got talent. We would like to thank them for taking time off from their busy schedule to perform at our event.







Third day of Jingle Bell Fair where toggle came down for the event with some Mediacorp artistes.




                                 We had Emcee and DJ to help bring up the atmosphere for the event.
                                                                           Event Outcome

The event was very successful as we managed to exceed our sales target and we learnt the importance of teamwork when executing an event.