Friday, February 14, 2014

“Full Of Cheers” Mini Roadshow by EMRS Team 3

On 7th February 2014, EMRS team 3 organised a mini roadshow outside MSC Studio. We sold varieties of products that were taken from Cheers. The products included Pokka Green Tea, Pokka Milk Tea, mineral water, Pocky, Pepero, Hello Panda, Mentos, Hi-Chew etc.  The event started at 10.30am and ended at 3.30pm.


For this mini roadshow event, our team was given about a month to plan. Our OICs for this mini roadshow event were Ting Ting and Hazel. Geraldine and Jessica were in-charge of the Logistics, while Eng Kiat and Jason were in-charge of the A&P, and Isabel was in-charge of finance.

To start off the planning of the event, our team had to come together to decide on a theme. After much discussion and deliberation, we decided to use a cheerful slogan “Full of Cheers”.

We came up with various display props for the products and even placed posters where there were high traffic such as the atrium, ATM, outside Cheers etc. 
Went down to Cheers to check out the product price, code, name and promotion.

Preparing for the decoration on the booth.

Thinking the ways to set up the display at booth.

Everyone was enthusiastic to complete the banner for the booth. 

Let's put the banner up!

Busy counting stocks.

Having fun at the same time!


On 7th February 2014, our team shifted our products stored at B.409 to the event venue. We had a lot of products to be displayed and hence took quite a while to finish arranging all the products. 

We kicked off the event at 1030 am. We had booth selling and mobile selling. At any point of time, we had about 4-5 people standing at the booth while the rest were off mobile selling to various parts of the school.

Let's move down and get ready for the event!

Setting up the booth.
Almost ready for sales!

Mobile selling.

During mobile selling.

At the end of the event!

Through this mini roadshow, we experienced how to plan an event from scratch and to work as a team.  We learnt how to think and work like an entrepreneur. In addition, we realized that no matter what tasks we were given, teamwork and communication are very important. From planning to executing, our hard work paid off as we managed to hit our sales target!