Friday, February 21, 2014

NETS Flashpay Roadshows by EMRS Team 2

We were assigned to execute the NETS Flashpay Roadshow on the 22nd – 24th January 2014.  The event was located at MSC Shopping Arcade and was held from 10:30AM to 4:30PM.

So what is NETS FlashPay?

It is a multi-purpose stored value cash card that can be used for a huge variety of quick payments, such as; transportation, selected retail outlets like NTUC and Cheers, and even for ERP. The purpose of conducting this roadshow is to gain awareness of the NETS FlashPay card among lectures and students of NYP and to promote the usage of the card within the school.


Before the roadshow, the OIC assigned the team members into different roles such as designing the posters, doing the logistics and doing the finance.

We came out with several marketing tactics to help out in the promotion. One of it is to create a mobile posters that we will be bringing around NYP while giving out flyers. The other is a visualize posters with 3D effect on the card which we will be displaying it around the school with high traffic of students such as the atrium and all 4 canteens in NYP.

Posters in the making

One of the posters that we’ve done


For the logistic team, they are required to liaise with the NETS Flashpay in-charge on matters such as how many staff are coming, what are the logistic stuffs that they will be bringing with them such as posters, printers or laptops. With all the information given, the team can proceed with booking the venue and preparing logistic fixtures.



The logistics working with the A&P in-charge before the event. 

Actual Event (3 days roadshow)



The layout of the roadshow for the actual event.

Day 1

On the day of the event, we were excited to start the event by setting up the booth and to place all posters around the school.

Setting up of the booth


The different posters at the atrium and canteens around the school.

After setting up, our 3 groups of mobile marketing set out to the different areas of the 7 schools of NYP to give out flyers and to promote the event and getting the crowd to come to the booth.

We managed to give out all the flyers allocated for the day, however we’ve found out that many of the students and lectures were unaware of the roadshow, many people did not know the functions of the card, and some of them felt that it serves similar functions to EZlink card, hence they were uninterested in it. Therefore the sales of the day was relatively slow.

Day 2

Since the previous day’s sales were quite slow, we changed our promoting plan, this time we increased our focus on all the 4 canteens, in addition to the 7 schools. This way we managed to increase the awareness about the existence of the card.  Places like Koufu and McDonalds were our main attractions as this is where NETS Flashpay card can be used in NYP and it will be easier for us to convey the information to the students.

We also encourage students to come to our booth with the flyer given to claim for free gifts (Free red packet from NETS), with that marketing tactics, the sales for the second day improved.

One of our group member promoting the event and product at Koufu.


The rest of our group members were also working diligently.


   Day 3

On the last day of the roadshow, some of us deployed ourself outside the shopping arcade to draw the crowd to the booth. With intensive promotion we did on the past 2 days, our sales increase on the last day and there were more crowd on that day. The booth were crowded since morning, so we deployed some members to help out with the crowd control at the booth.  

Our group member promoting outside of MSC Shopping arcade


Our efficient group members to serve the crowd


At the end of the day, we clear the venue area while the logistic team went to collect all the poster stands to keep.

We received compliments from the NETS Flashpay staff and we were satisfied with our performance as we managed to surpass the NETS expected sales even though there is no sales target mentioned. There were many challenges we faced during the planning such as limited time to plan and challenges during the first two days of the roadshow such as declining customers, we were proud with the achievement we gain after the event end.