Friday, February 21, 2014

MSC Mini Roadshow by EMRS Team 2

MSC Mini Roadshow by EMRS Team 2

We organised a mini roadshow that was held on the 7th of February 2014 outside the shopping arcade, consigning products with MSC Studio. The event kicked start at 10.30am and ended at 3.30pm, with most of the products sold. Hurray to ending our final stopover with a major success!



For this mini roadshow event, our team was given about a few weeks to plan. We managed to allocate everyone into different roles during this event. The roles includes, Overall In-charge, Logistic head, finance and inventory management, and advertising and publicity.

To start off the planning of the event, our team had to come together to decide on a theme. After a series of discussions and deliberations, we had decided to use a vintage slogan “Barang Barang”. We choose this theme because the products that we were selling consist of different types of products such as technology (thumbdrive and harddisk), apparels (NYP clothings and socks) and even different types of favourite childhood snacks.

Our ‘Barang Barang’ banner

For this event, although our theme is ‘Barang Barang’ and vintage feel, we had to incorporate a Valentine’s Day theme on top of what we were doing as Valentine’s Day was around the corner. Some of the A&P members designed the posters while everyone else helped out with creating the
banners and the price tags.

Our hands on team members doing up the banner
The price tag that our members did
One of the poster’s that we’ve done

After we’re done with the banners and the relevant A&P, everyone helped out with the logistics team in the pre setting up of the banners onto the wiremash.

The Logistics also did a mock setup the day before the event



On the day our our event, we had to get all the fixtures from the  fixtures room for the setting up of the booth. We had a lot of products to be displayed hence we took quite a while to finish arranging all the displayed products and re-arranging the stocks and placed it on the table. 

This was the layout of the store

We utilized booth selling and mobile selling concurrently. At any point of time, we had about 4-5 people standing at the booth while the rest were off mobile selling to various part of the schools. We managed to sell all our products for the mobile selling. Hence we improvised and tried to mobile sell the products that were not moving as fast, for example the thumbdrives and the 3 for $10’s sock. We also printed more promotion tags to attract more customers.

The promotional technic’s that we thought of on the spot to sell the not so fast selling products
Our group member who convinced the customer to get the $99 1TB Harddisk.


Through this mini roadshow, we had experienced how to plan an event from scratch and to work as a team.  We learnt how to think and work like entrepreneurs. In addition, we realized that no matter what tasks are you given, teamwork and communication is very important and it makes our team to work as one. From planning to executing, our hard work had paid off when we had significantly exceeded our sales target by about 3 times!

All in all, the “Barang Barang”Mini Roadshow was a considerable success and we’re all glad to conclude our series of events with a desirable ending! J

Whole group bonding and doing the banner together.