Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Chinese New Year Event
Chinese New Year is a period which everyone can relate to the delicious and mouth-watering goodie such as Bak-Kwa and cookies, hence our team was tasked to sell these goodies like past years, to the students and staff of NYP.
The event was a month long event, with preparations starting from our first week at EMRS till 24th January 2014. There was a sampling exercise on the 13th and 14th January to allow customers to try the products that we were selling.

Planning Stage
Our team had 2 different sub divisions, and they were in charge of advertising and promotions, and also the logistics matters of the event. As the previous team of students had already started liaising with the suppliers, the 2 OICs of the event had to follow up with it. We had to work with 3 different suppliers and they were:
·         Fragrance
·         Cookie Tree
·         Family Pastry
Fragrance had been working with NYP for a period of time, thus it was relatively easy for us to work with them again. We managed to negotiate a consignment pricing that was favourable for both parties and requested for some samples for our 2 days of sampling events.

Cookie Tree                                                                                                                                                  
This supplier was from Ms Choo, and she had met the supplier previously. As this was a totally new supplier which we were working with, we had to brief them on the school’s 30 days credit policy and other details that needed to be worked out. Once they were comfortable with our policies, we proceeded to work out the consignment price and also requested for some samples from them to be given to our customer on our 2 sampling days.
Family Pastry
Like Fragrance, our school had worked with Family Pastry previously. Even though there were some hiccups during the negotiation process, we managed to resolve it.
The logistics team planned on the manpower list and the needed logistics for the event which included items such as poster stands and tables.
Meanwhile, the advertising and promotions team managed to put up a nice poster for our event together with the help of Ms Choo. A mass email was sent out to everyone! They also brainstormed for ideas on how to decorate the booth for sampling.
After everything was finalized, we briefed the MSC students on how to process the payments for us as we were partnering for this event!



Execution Stage
Our execution stage was mainly during the sampling period, in which we tried to reach out to the students and staff to try and get them to buy our products. There were 3 different groups, in which 1 group was be in charge of manning the booth while the other 2 groups did mobile selling.
Preparing for the sampling session!

Boxes of samples for mobile selling!

Setting up the booth outside MSC!
Our event theme!
Letting the lecturers try out the samples!
Lecturers coming to our booth!
We stopped taking in orders on the 17th January and the goods were delivered to us by the suppliers on 21st January!
Packing of Goods!
Preparing to deliver the products!

All the goodies waiting to be packed and delivered!
We sorted the orders by block and called the staff to find out a convenient time for us to deliver their orders to them.
Our team was split into 3 different teams for delivery as we grouped those blocks that are near to each other together into 1 trolley. We also have different shifts throughout the day as the staff had different preferred timings. As for the students’ orders, self-collection would take place at B409 from 9am to 5pm.
Our deliveries and self-collection took us 3 days, from 22nd January to 24th January.
Overall, it was a very enjoyable event and our team managed to exceed the sales target of $12,000 in fact, we made an overall sales of more than $15,000 throughout the entire sales duration!
One of the most important lesson that we had learnt throughout this event was the importance of teamwork. As this was a relatively large event, it was very hard for the event to run smoothly unless we split the work properly and work nicely together as a team.