Monday, January 20, 2014

MSC Cheers Design Challenge

MSC Cheers Design Challenge by EMRS Team 2
As this was our 1st event, we were nervous and also excited to plan and execute this event as event that involved many important people.
The event was held on the 15th of January 2014, at seminar room B204, from 1pm to 6pm. The purpose of this event is to create a design competition for students to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. The winning team will get cash worth $3,000 and a trophy and they might also get their designs implemented in the new NYP Cheer store as well as the stores throughout Singapore. Prizes and certificates were also given to the participating and finalists teams to recognize their effort in participating this competition.

During the pre-planning stage, there were a lot of major work to be completed such as operations and logistics planning, liaising with participants and Cheers, and deciding on the event venue, floor plan and order of proceeding.

Recce the event venue (Seminar Room 1)
Recce the event venue (Seminar Room 2)
Recce the prize presentation venue

Planning of the floor plan 
Event Day
On the day of the event, some of our roles include ushering, emceeing, sound system and lighting in-charge, catering in- charge, participants in-charge, crowd controller, supporters and overall in charge who oversees the whole event to ensure that everything went smoothly.
We had to get the finalist team who were already anxiously waiting in the holding room prepared for their final presentation by 1pm. We then ushered the invited guests to invite them to make their way to the presentation room. We promptly started the event at 2pm.
Mr Sudesh giving briefing to the final 5 teams

Registration of guests

Supportive supporters seated and ready for the presentation

Opening speech by Mr Victor Cheong, G.M of Cheers

Team A&F kick start the first presentation

While waiting for the second team to be prepared for presentation, questions regarding Cheers would be asked by the MC of the event. Attractive prizes could be won by answering correctly. A short interval was given during the event.


Goodie bags won by audience

Presentation by team Throwback

Presentation by team Green Penta

Presentation by team 3Cheers

The judges listening attentively to the presenting group
As the presentations were ongoing, we managed to set up the refreshment area and prize presentation area for the later part of the event.
Preparing the refreshment area

Getting ready for the prize presentation segment
When the last presentation ended, the judges were given 15 minutes of deliberation to decide on the winning team.

Who will be the winner?
The prize presentation ceremony starts at 5pm. Guess who is the winner?? The winning team is Team Throwback!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations to team Throwback!

Cheering for the winner

We ended the whole event with a group photo taking and we invited our judges and guest to have a light refreshment.

Ending the competition with a group photo with all the judges!

Anybody hungry!

 Overall, the event ended successful, and all of us learnt many things from this experience.J

Team 2 with Mr Sudesh celebrating the end of the event!