Friday, January 17, 2014

Open House Retail Pop-up Store

Planning stage

Ms Yong briefed us on the layout of the open house and we were told to plan out a roster to allocate the various duties. 
Thereafter, we briefed our team members on the reporting time, duties and attire. 
 We allocated majority of our manpower to the retail lab as there were more things to be shifted down; the rest went to the fixtures room.
Set up Day

On 8th January 2014, team 3 of EMRS (Events Management & Road Show) assisted to set up a retail pop-up store for open house. This event is a final year project for the retail students. 15 groups of students were allocated space to set up their own stores and sell products.  

In the morning, we shifted down fixtures such as the cubes, cloak hangers, mannequins etc. to the atrium. The movers has also moved furniture from SDN over.

We also helped to paste these posters which featured the 15 groups of retail students.

Day 1 of Open House
Team 3 reported at 9 am on the event day to assist the retail students as well as to loan them equipment such as hangers, spinner, hooks and mirrors.

See them busy preparing for the set up:

On the day itself, we also had to set up a lucky draw booth right beside the retail pop-up store.This lucky draw booth is meant for the secondary students to know more about SBM. 

As instructed by the teachers, we had to draw the student's attention to our booth to get them to participate in our lucky draw.

The secondary students had to scan the Qr code to watch the SBM video.

Next, we had to ask the students any one out of the three questions in the picture below and they had to give us the correct answer to win the prizes.

These were the two lucky draw prizes


Day 2 of Open House
We had to take more hangers out from the fixture room for the retail students as they realized that they needed more. Also, we helped to expand the pop-up store as it was too cramped resulting in little walking space.

These were some of the stores:


Day 3 of open house
We reported at 530 pm to assist in the set down. It was much easier to
set down as we simply needed to shift all the things back to its original place. Unlike the first day where we have to arrange and make different changes to the cubes etc.

 Overall, it was an enjoyable experience as it required teamwork and we got to bond with each other more even though it was tiring at times. :)