Tuesday, September 17, 2013

"Recipe for Friendship" Mini Roadshow by EMRS Team 3!

 "When you fail to plan, you plan to fail." Our team believes & comprehends the importance of planning & determining the purpose of our first ever roadshow. Together with a common goal of exceeding sales target while enjoying the process of running an event, we friends, concluded with a perfect theme for our roadshow,

While waiting for MSC, our supplier, to confirm the items for our roadshow, we started by designing banner & decorations to represent our friendship theme.

Following a series of negotiating, here are the stocks from MSC, our supplier, provided us with!

Adding a little magic~
Props for our booth!

PS: All these are made by our teammates!


Our Poster!
Beautiful moments with friends are meant to be captured! A booth specially made by us to picture a group of friends in a hot air balloon drifting in the sky, how magical-like~

Our lovely hot air balloon~

Time slips when we have so much to do! :O


Finally, it is the day of our event! Everybody assisted with the setup to ensure that our event commence on time, & with our supervisors monitoring our progress, we were all sweating buckets!

As we had previously coordinated logistics with the location we picked, we have a brief idea of the layout of our booth. This made the running of our actual setting up of the event smoother.


 A team photo to kick off our roadshow, HUAT AH!

Our 1st customer of the day! Our polaroid booth attracted lots of customers!

Other than having a booth, we went around the school to do mobile selling.
Our team's cute & handsome mascot!

Look at the response by lecturers & students
when we brought our items to their "doorstep"!
Oh! We even got a microphone, to get everybody's attention fast! 

"Lelong lelong~ selling snacks cheap cheap to keep you awake during lecture!"

Wrap Up
One for all, all for one. As a team, we worked hard & did our best for our roadshow. We were glad that our team's hard work paid off & we had an enjoyable experience! Friendship is magic, & magic works wonders.

A big thank you to our fellow schoolmates, lecturers & friends for the enthusiasm & support!

Last but not least, thumbs up for all the teams for making EMRS' mini roadshow a success!

Reflection Time!
Jo ping:
“Talents win games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships. The process of planning has its ups and down, such as different opinions, but at the end of the day, we were always able to compromise one another, and accept each another comments." 

“Through this event, I have learnt the importance of planning, i.e layout of the store, products to sell, etc. I have also learnt the importance of teamwork. Every event needs the team to work together for it to be successful.”

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is a process. Working together is a success. Although we have limited time to prepare for this roadshow, we still managed to double our sales target. The reason behind accomplishing this task with flying colours was because everyone in our team has their own unique roles, with each person’s individual role recognised and appreciated."
Shi Ying:
“Success is the process of excelling with individual strengths and learning from our weaknesses. Certainly, sales revenue is one of the key measurement of how well a team fared for the roadshow, but I believe the preparation and operation process plays a significant role in our learning journey.”

"Although there were some unforeseen situations such as the allocation of space among the groups, but everyone played by ear and managed to get the set up done by 10.20am. I feel that we have done well in the execution of mobile selling, receiving overwhelming responses from the students and supervisors."

"We divided our work into different aspect, utilising our respective expertise, and working quickly on our perspective roles. With determination and teamwork, we managed to get our work done efficiently. Through this roadshow I have learnt that planning and expecting the unexpected are very important in our lives."

"Overall, managing the roadshow was a success, all thanks to our team. It was a relief to know that we were able to achieve our sales target despite our hectic schedules. Our team managed to work together and contributed ideas and hence making things easier when planning. At the same time, changes are important and one should be able to adapt to changes and prepare for any unexpected events."

"The mini road show event was a really enriching and fulfilling one, and I have enjoyed it thoroughly. Despite the short time frame for our preparation, I feel that our team’s bond had strengthened and everyone had grown in terms of discipline, time management and teamwork."