Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mid-Autumn Mooncakes Preordering Event by EMRS Team 3

The Mid-Autumn Festival known as 中秋节 is a popular harvest festival celebrated by the Chinese community, whereby people will buy or made mooncakes to celebrate this joyous occasion.

An event was proposed to consign mooncakes at a discounted price to the population of Nanyang Polytechnics (NYP).

Before the event started, EMRS Team 3 called the various vendors to enquire if they were interested to collaborate with us, and the vendors ranged from hotel brands to local bakeries, such as Goodwood Park, Conrade and BreadTalk.  Eventually we finalised on BreadTalk, Bakerzin, and Family Bakery. 

The plan for the Mid-Autumn event was to sell the various mooncakes through e-commerce platform, so that the customers are able to go online for greater on what we have to offer.  
 Customers are able to view the various types of the mooncakes @
As the pre-ordering ended on 10th September 2013, a notice was posted to inform customers about it. 

Besides letting the customers view our products through the e-commerce platform, our team also set up a booth outside MSC Studio for the customers to sample for the mooncakes. Order forms are also printed to bring convenience for the customers to make immediate payment if they did not print out the order form or have no prior knowledge of the on-going event held outside the MSC Studio.

In addition, before the actual event, our team went around the school campus to promote this Mid-Autumn event, and at the same time create awareness for our event. Hence, flyers are printed out to ensure that all the lecturers, staffs and students of Nanyang Polytechnic were able to view the flyers and posters that were placed around the school campus.

Taking into consideration that not all staff of Nanyang Polytechnic will go down to MSC Studio to visit our booth, a small number of our team went around to Nanyang Polytechnic to do mobile selling, and at the same time, printed the order form so that the customers did not have to print it again.

Before our event, our team came out with a concept to decorate the booth, to showcase to the customers the packaging of the mooncakes by the various brands. 

Finally, it was the day of the event! Our team had to cut the mooncakes for both the booth and mobile sampling. 
Our Team setting up the booth outside MSC Studio
Team 3 first group photo!
Teammates who would be at the booth :) 
"Booth of the day"
 Our samples! Care to try some?
 Look! Even our supervisor - Ms Winnie Quek came to help out at the booth :) 
Notice placed at the MSC Studio's cashier to let the customers know about our event!

 Wrap Up
We stopped taking orders and collated the sales on 6th September (first batch) and 10th September (second batch). After two days of hard work, our team managed to exceed our sales target of $2500 SGD, and achieved sales of $2850! 

The mooncakes were delivered on the 13th September and most of the mooncakes were delivered to the customers who have placed an order with us on the same day.  

Our team packing and sorting the mooncakes
"Mooncakes of the day"
Thank you card made by our dearest teammates to thank the customers who supported us :)