Monday, September 16, 2013

Cheers Mini Roadshow with EMRS Team 4!

Hi everybody! EMRS Team 4 round 1 here to share with you our very first event, Cheers Mini Road show!

The event was held on the 10th of September 2013. Our team (Team 4) was tasked to sell a selection of Cheers products. This included bottled drinks, sweet and snacks.


We made use of the 2 weeks given to plan and prepare thoroughly. The theme we decided on was happiness. This included lots of smileys, rainbows and candies. A&P was an important factor as the event was held during the school holidays.

The guys of team 4 colouring the lollipop prop
The girls of Team 4 doing up the chocolate bar prop!
Mock up before the big day!

Our booth also included a "Guess The Riddle" board, where customers and passer-by's can enjoy a laugh by picking out and guessing the riddles placed inside of the envelops.
Event day!
The day of the event was hectic. We initially had trouble settle up the booth as our props kept dropping off. After much determination and hard work, we managed to improvise and the store was set up beautifully.
We were given a sales target of $250. The target may sound little and achievable, but it was definitely a challenge for us as the road show was held during the school's term break. At the end of the day, we manage to achieve beyond the sales target! This would not have been possible without active selling by all our team members :)
Team 4's Hui Juan and Melvin busy "setting up" the store :)
Besides having a booth, our team members also did mobile selling.
Team 4's personal bodyguard
Our pretty ribbon-rainbow mystery bags! Each bag contained different products including Mentos, Skittles and Kinder Bueno.
Overall, the event was a success! All our members enjoyed themselves and each and everyone of us learned a little more about teamwork, compromise and holding an event.

Til next time from Team 4! ^______^