Thursday, September 19, 2013

'Colours' Mini Roadshow by EMRS Team 2

The mini road show for EMRS Team 2 was held outside the MSC studio, next to the AXS machine on the 10th of September. Our team sells a selection of MSC products such as IT accessories, NYP Gifts & Merchandise, NYP T-shirt and etc. The duration of the event lasted from 10:30 am till 3:30 pm.

For this event, EMRS teams were given 2 weeks to plan and prepare. After the first day of formalities and introductions, we immediately kicked into gear and started planning our mini road show. The first thing we had to do was pick an OIC for the entire event. After much discussion, Aik Shan was "volunteered". The other ICs were Ranjetha who was in charge of Logistics, Samantha for Finance, Amelia would be in charge Advertising & Promotion. Firstly we had to come up with a theme that would attract customers of our target market, which was primarily teenagers. After long hours of brainstorming, the team came up with 'Colours theme' complemented by our catchy slogan, 'Pick up a gear'.

We went down to MSC to choose our products for sale based on our assigned product category of sportswear and IT accessories. However, we noted few mistakes by choosing pricier items that were harder to sell.

 We went down to the fixtures room to check out what we could make use of to set up our booth.

We also made our own banners and posters for the event!

Amelia and Aik working hand in hand to paint the banner (;
Our masterpiece to be placed around the school
Our banner to be hung on top of our booth!


Cardboard props we made to accessorize our booth!

Midway through the mock set-up, we undoubtedly ran into some issues such as inconsistency of all our handmade artwork. However, due to time constraint, we only had two days to make changes to the "unprofessional" artwork that we had done previously.
Lesson Learnt: 

IT Accessories that were on sale!
Ranj and Sam testing our setup the day before the actual event
Trying out which layout would be best on our table
Joel getting interviewed for NYPTV
Everyone participating for the splashing of paint on our mobile selling boxes!
Zheng Jie and Joel having fun while painting the boxes for mobile selling!

Before the actual day of mini road show, we placed our posters stands at several locations. We specifically picked a location near the escalator of the atrium whereby many people would be passing by. This would most likely increase the likelihood of our posters being noticed by the passers-by.

On 10th September, we were all prepared to set up our booth and let the potential entrepreneurial spirit in us unleash. We gathered at 9:00 am and started our set up outside MSC. Due to the prior mock set-ups that we had done, we completed our set-up at 10:00 am, half an hour before the stipulated time of 10:30 am. Next, we started our booth sales and our mobile selling. We decided it would be best if there were just 3 people manning the booth and the other 5 team members to carry out our mobile selling plan. Our mobile sellers managed to lead customers back to our booth for further cross-selling.

Display of items for our mobile selling

Set-up of our booth with our Samantha

Our best selling items: NYP  T-shirts

All for one and one for all! #emrsteam2huat 
Throughout the mini roadshow, we experienced working together in a team. We realized the importance of team building as the whole planning process requires effort from each individual in order to make this event a success. Our efforts were paid off as we achieved our sales target and we were commended by Ms Yong for a job well done.
Well Done Team 2! :)