Monday, April 29, 2013

I Appreciate 2013

Group photo taken with the backdrop 

To kick start our 6 weeks of journey in EMRS, Team 4 was assigned to execute the 'I Appreciate' Event. This event was held from 23rd April 2013 to 25th April 2013, 10am to 5pm at the NYP auditorium foyer.

The purpose of this event is for all NYP students and staff to express their gratitude to those whom have helped them throughout their journey in NYP.

The overall ICs for this event were Esmond and Phyllis. They had to do up the design of the posters and coupons as well as to plan the manpower allocation for the event. They also did a site inspection on thye event venue to determine the placement of the logistics needed for the event.

Our team assisted in the t-shirt redemption booth and the ushering of students and staff visiting our event. There is a total of 10,000 t-shirts of which 1,000 t-shirts were given out during the actual event and the remaining to be given out on 4th to 6th June 2013.

Our team was really lucky that we did not have much setting up or tearing down to do as the T-shirt redemption booth has already been set up throughout the 3 days. 

Planning Stage
We did not have much time to plan for this event as we only received instructions from our supervisors on the 15th April. With the limited lead time, we came up with the poster and coupon designs. Since this is a school-based event, we have to go through several rounds of editing of the artwork of the posters and coupons before they were approved.

On the first day of the event 

The entire team went to the auditorium for set-up before the event commence. We placed post-it pads, markers, pens and A4-sized coloured papers on the high tables and set up the queue poles so as to manage the crowd.

Students started to make their way into the auditorium once the doors opened.We were all overwhelmed with the response from the students. Hence, we had to activate the entire team to the auditorium to help out despite having planned for two shifts.
Students writing their appreciation note on the high tables
Students pasting their post-it notes on the board

Woah, what an overwhelming response!

In view of the crowd, we decided to activate the mobile application to help ease the queue. Most of the t-shirts were given out by the end of day 1 and hence we had to issue the coupons.

Day 2 and day 3 were much more manageable as there was not a big crowd compared to Day 1. 

Key takeaways

Through this event, we learnt that teamwork and communication are very important in the success of an event. We also learnt to be patient and understanding when handling students' and/or staff's requests. Lastly, we learnt that we have to be alert at all times and to be able to think on our feet and resolve any unforeseen situations that we encounter.

In conclusion, we would like to thank the school and our supervisors for giving us an opportunity to execute this event!