Tuesday, May 7, 2013


With the main objective of having the SBM and DBI students in EMRS Team to bond and have a strong chemistry between one and other, Amin and Jackson from Team 4 volunteered to take charge of the team building event to be held on 3rd May 2013, Friday, 1.15-5.30pm. 

Planning Stage
We created the games with a theme called “The Castaway”, which promotes many aspects such as cooperation, teamwork, integrity, determination, and many more.  We went through a whole trial series of the games and thorough consideration in which safety, cultivating critical and creative thinking are involved tremendously. 

Station 1: Shipwreck Part I
Participants are illustrated as the victims who encountered a shipwreck. Leaders of the tribe were blindfolded and required to locate their tribe mates through animals’ voices assigned to them.


Station 2: Shipwreck Part II
Now that they have found their own tribe mates, they had to compete with other tribes in the “Bombing Game” to determine the strongest team.


Station 3: Tribal Identity
Each tribe had to create a flag that represented their tribe’s unique identity. 







The supervisors namely Ms Quek, Ms Siow and Ms Choo were the judges to decide the tribe which has the best design that best fit the theme and the tribe’s name.

Station 4: Spoon Fed
This game defined the patience and resilience of the tribe mates. It was indeed very challenging to flip the spoons into the cup!



Station 5: Human Centipede
Each tribe mates was given a small piece of vanguard sheet to transfer the ping pong ball into the small plastic cup. This game showcased the agility and teamwork of the tribe mates.


Station 6: The Mouthjob
They had to bite on to a balloon and travel with a raft made with cupboards. Once they have reached the end point, they needed to throw the balloons using their mouth into the empty pail.


Station 7: The Duo
Good coordination and control are needed for this game of which two tribe mates had to tie their legs with a raffia string and at the same time, they were given straws and required to transfer the mini hula hook onto the cone.


Station 8: Track down your enemy’s village
Last game was similar to scavenger hunt where a representative from each tribe had to hide with their own tribe’s flag within the business block/premises and the opponent tribe had to go search for him/her within a stipulated time.

After the event

The tribe mates were all deadbeat, however, they were relatively happy and satisfied with the games. Many positive and useful feedback were also brought up by the students during the debrief. As the organizers, we are very glad that the whole event was a success.

WINNER: Tribe Lycan Fang