Friday, April 12, 2013

Customized Study Path(CSP)

The Customised Study Path (CSP) was held on 9th April 2012. Team 2 did the planning for this event and both team 2 and team 3 were involved in the execution process. The objective of this event was to ensure that the entire process of the registering of modules for students was smooth and also to expose EMRS students to better understand crowd control management.

We had about a week to plan for this event so there were changes in coordination. We took reference of the powerpoint slides, layout and signages from the previous EMRS Team who has also done the CSP Registration. But we came up with new designs and ideas for our queue numbers, signages and powerpoint slides. Prior to the event we have already prepared the queue numbers and signages to ensure that they will still be in good condition. We also went round clearing the rooms needed to ensure that they are spick-and-span for the actual day. Along with a fellow team member Meng Jun, we also went round the rooms to arrange the furniture needed for the event.

All the manpower was briefed a day before on their job scope. Also there was a briefing conducted by a lecturer on how to use the software necessary for the registration of modules which was attended by EMRS students who were tasked to  station at the computer labs, including the 2 OICs.

An hour before the event kicks off, The OICs, with the help of Ms Choo and Ms Quek, went around preparing all the necessary rooms needed for the event by screening a slideshow which gave students instructions on how to proceed after each procedure. After lunch, the EMRS team members were deployed to their respective rooms to kick start the registration. The team members were deployed to their respective rooms 20 minutes before the event started.

 Our Room ICs were given queue numbers and registration lists for the diplomas they were assigned to. As the number of students expected to turn up for CSP are different for the various diplomas and specializations, some of the rooms were more. We managed to complete the event by 5pm sharp.

Key Takeaways
Both of us learnt the importance of time management through this event. Also we learnt to use proper title for the signages. Even though it is a small-scale event but we both had fun planning for this event. This event made us appreciate the importance of teamwork and collaboration. While checking the rooms we also saw how diligently everyone was carrying out their tasks which really impacted us a lot.
Overall, the event was a great success as most of the students managed to register their modules on time before the printing room closes. Huge thanks to EMRS Team 2 and Team 3 for all of your supports in ensuring the success of the event!