Wednesday, April 17, 2013

EMRS bonding session (11/03/2013)

In the effort of getting the whole of EMRS to bond and know each other better, Hee Jin from Team 3 and Jia Ming from Team 2 were tasked to organize a bonding session on 11 March 2013, from 2:00pm - 4:30pm.
Planning Stage
We had to think of appropriate games taking into consideration the safety, fun and venues. We prepared a list of games with instructions and the logistics required.
We played games like...
1) Whacko, so that the participants will be able to remember each other’s’ names.

2) Bang game, to let participants be familiar with each other.
3) Balloon popping, it was most enjoyable game out of all the games it also helped to cultivate pair teamwork among the participants.
4) Straw game, helps to cultivate teamwork.
5) Human knot, cultivate creative thinking and teamwork
6) Captain’s ball, cultivate teamwork
Challenges we faced
For preparation of the game, we needed to estimate the amount of logistics so that we could have sufficient amount for games. But we had prepared well and games went smoothly without any delay.
And around 4pm, we played the last game on our list, which was captain’s ball. Initially we thought that the weather would get better at 4pm, but it did not. Instead, it became even hotter. Because of the sun, we had to cut short our game from half an hour to fifteen minutes. We took precautions by asking participants to keep themselves hydrated at all times.
After the event
During debriefing, we asked participant whether they had enjoyed the bonding session and overall rate was ‘’good’’. The first reason we could not get ‘very good’ was because they found that few games like the straw game was not fun. The second reason may be because of the challenge we faced, the hot weather. Overall, participants were satisfied with the games we had prepared and they had fun together. We believe that through this very first bonding session, we had opportunity to spend fun time together to know about each of everyone and bring everyone closer together.