Thursday, September 13, 2012

Entrephoria @ Bugis Street level 3 Atrium


Bugis Street level 3 Atrium 
16th and 17th August 2012

EMRS Team 2 was assigned to organize an event at Bugis Street level 3 atrium from 16th to 17th August 2012, from 12pm to 9pm. 

OICs - Min ming and Renald
A&P - Sapnaa (IC), Nigel, Adeline Seah and Sa'adah
Fiance - Si Ying (IC) and Marilynn
Logistics - Adeline Tan (IC), Hamdan and Wang Peng

Initially, we came up with two proposals, "Cosplay showcase"  and "Student Entrepreneur Fair". However, our team decided to carry out the Entrepreneur Fair, due to time constraints and the event will be held during exam period. 

We came up with a few themes: "Like A Boss", "Bizworks", "Young, Alive and Enterprising" and "Entrephoria". We voted and concluded with the theme, "Entrephoria" as it takes a combination of entrepreneur (which is based on our proposal) and euphoria (meaning a state of intense happiness and self confidence).

For this event, we source for student entrepreneur vendors namely, G-Feel iphone, Shop 23, Summerlove, JNR entertainment and 90's candy. We also brought in two external vendors such as Benta Berry and Sticky candy. 

Benta Berry
Photo Booth

To showcase our event, we came up with a banner design draft and brainstormed on the design of the main poster, flyers and vendor posters. We decided to use the Bugis Street building as the background for the main poster and backdrop for the Polaroid booth. We also uses the product images provided by the vendors to draft out the flyer and vendor posters and decorated the booths by designing them according to what the vendors are selling. 

On the first day, the setting up of the event was done smoothly and efficiently with the help of team 3 members. However, half way through the event we received feedback from our supervisors that our floor plan appears defensive and not attracting shoppers. Hence, we decided to change the formation of the floor plan from 9-booths to 7-booths. This then attracts more customers at the later part of the day. 

Initial Floor Plan
Readjusted Floor Plan
At the end of the day, we conducted a debrief and inform the team that we has excess manpower due to the change of floor plan. Hence, a few of us will report later for the next day. 

On the last day there was a slight delay with the set up as the new batch of team 3 members were unfamiliar with the products. Everything resume to normal and sales start to pick up slowly. 

Tear down on the last day was completed fast and more efficiently as everyone were brief on their tasks and cooperate well. 

We had a hard time during the pre-preparation of the event and encountered many problems such as changes to fixtures needed, urging the vendors for stock list and time constraints for A&P. However, we manage to overcome all these and make the event a success! Although, its a lot of hard work, everything is worth it after seeing how successful the event turned out to be. 

Special thanks to everyone .....