Friday, September 21, 2012

Stirling Graduation Event
On 7th September, NYP hosted a graduation event for the school of Stirling. Dress code of the day is white top with black pants/skirt. Our job scope is to be ushers. It is a small affair where there were close to 300 people attending the event including the 60 proud graduands. To add on, our principal,  Mr Chan Lee Mun also received an award from Stirling!

                                      Guests starts streaming in
Parents registering for the event- Our ushers hard at work! :)

Our 'guard' manning the refreshment.. ;)
Refreshments provided before the start of the ceremony
Inside the TFA
Piper being blown to signify the start of the event 
Graduands making their entrance!
Making their way towards the stage 
Congratulations to Mr Chan!!
Proud graduates together with their parents!

Once again, we would like to congratulate all the graduates who have persevered for the past two years and also to Mr Chan for receiving an award! This event was as an eye-opener to us as we now know how an overseas graduation ceremony is being executed. One of the lesson learnt is that we now know how to react to an unexpected the situation when it arises. For example, we were informed at the last minute that ushers were needed for the gown room and registration table but manpower was limited. Thus, some of us would have to play dual roles and support one another to ensure that the event was smooth-sailing and proceeded without any hitches. Overall, it was a great experience and everyone enjoyed it!