Monday, August 27, 2012

Our Facilitation Workshop

Facilitation Skills Workshop
EMRS Team 3 was tasked to organise a workshop for the TEP students. Vincent and Jing Ni were appointed the overall in-charge of this event and the talk was scheduled to be on 23 August 2012.
Planning a workshop is not as easy as it seems. We must first find out the type of workshop that will interest our students. Sourcing for a trainer with limited budget is even more challenging because most of the trainers we look for need us to at least cover their transportation fees. Fortunately we found a trainer who was willing to conduct a two hours’ facilitation skills workshop for us at no cost.

Although we were given ample time to source for a trainer, we only had two days to organise and prepare for the event. During the preparation of this workshop we had to plan for the manpower and logistics needed for the event. Besides that, we also needed an emcee and hence the team voted for Jing Ni  as she has a sweet voice.
Actual Facilitation skills workshop

Before the event started,  team 3 assisted to set up the necessary logistics needed, such as the flip chart stand requested by the trainer and the setting up of the projector at LTD4.
Mr Chin asked the students the difference between
                   facilitation and brainstorming.


            Trainer going through the materials prepared by the students.

Mr Chin split the students into five groups and engaged the student with different activities and demonstrated how and why facilitation is important in a project. 

Second activities to engage the students. 
Participants are enjoying themselves during the workshop

Mr Chin and Ms Quek
At the end of the session, Ms Quek presented a token of appreciation to Mr Chin. Most of the students claimed that they enjoyed themselves and brought home with them more tips on how they can better facilitate their future projects.