Monday, August 6, 2012

National Day Event at NYP Linkway, July - Aug 2012

EMRS Team 3 was assigned to organize a National Day event at the Linkway in school from 30th July to 1st August 2012, from 10.30am to 4.30pm.

Our team voted Shaun and Mei Hwa as the OICs, Chong Yin and Wei Lun as the A&P ICs and Nabilah and Faizullah as the logistics ICs. The others played their part by helping out and assisting the respective ICs.
We came up with a lot of different themes: “Our Country, Our Pride”, “One Heart, One Voice” and lastly “Loving Singapore, Our Home”. As this year’s theme is “Loving Singapore, Our Home”, we finally decided to set it as the theme for our National Day event.

We brainstormed a few ideas on how we wanted to decorate the Linkway. We finally decided to create a timeline to showcase Singapore’s history and use it to highlight important periods of Singapore’s history. To add on to the decorations, we wanted to capture the iconic moment of the National Day parade every year where fighter planes fly across the sky. So we hung fighter planes on the ceiling which give passers by the feeling of that moment. We also hung the letters, “NDP 2012” on the 8 pillars so that it can attract the attention of by passers around block A. As the triangular flags are commonly hanged around the neighborhoods during National Day period, we thought of hanging them around the Linkway to set the atmosphere for National Day.

For this roadshow, we managed to get a total of 13 vendors, namely; Jeff Kester, Rosabella Nails Services, Annabelle who is an NYP student selling female apparel, Jade Tang Designs, Benta Berry, Summer Love, ELF which mainly sells phone accessories, Alescere, Mike Culture, Mini D, G6 Global and Dress Up. A total of 5 apparel, 1 makeup, 3 accessories, 2 bags, 1 skincare and 1 nail services vendors.

We encountered many problems before the event as well as during the event. We needed to update all the vendors constantly about the event details. The logistics team had to change the floor plan and the fixtures list several times as many vendors had last minute requests for the space and fixtures required.
Make-A-Wish Board
Our A&P Decorations.    

Our roadshow promotion
NDP Timeline that showcases the Singapore history.

On the first day of the event, we did not know what to expect. We started out by touching-up the decorations that we had put up last Friday. Some parts of the timeline were loose so we had to secure them again. Others were busy hanging up the letters and arranging the fixtures brought up from the fixtures room.

Team 3 setting up for the event.
Setting Up.
Our team was able to overcome the challenges and managed to settle the vendors down and also quickly responded to their impromptu requests. The crowd began to increase during the lunchtime hours and the whole linkway was filled with shoppers.

Our Booths.
After the tear-down on day 1, we had a debrief with the OICs and reflected on the problems that occurred that day and made plans on how to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

Jade Tang Designs keychains was a big hit.      
 Detrox Sweets came on the second
and third day to give out free sweets.
Our friendly sales person of Benta Berry.
The nails services booth.     
The set up and tear down were much faster and more efficient on the second and last day as we know what we were supposed to do. We started tearing down at 4pm on the last day and we had trouble clearing the double sided tape residue that was left on the glass pane. That slowed down our whole tear down process. However, everyone played their part well and we managed to clear everything up by 6.10pm. After which, we did a short debrief and ended the event. We managed to exceed the sales target and achieve a total of $7K. Overall, we think everyone did a great job in the event. Although we had encountered many problems especially with the vendors and the A&P, our team managed to pull through and made the event a success.

Here is a short video clip on what happen on that day. Enjoy!