Monday, February 27, 2012

Team 5 EMRS mini Road show

Night Market in the Day,
Shop your Stress Away

This is our team at our very first mini road show in school on the 22nd January 2012. Situated at the NYP Linkway, we were given booth number 2 to sell our items from 10.30 am to 3.30 pm. Our stall name is “Night Market in the Day, Shop your Stress Away”, as we sell a variety items ranging from NYP shirts to facial masks, sweets and even Vapur bottles. Also, our team urged students who are busy mugging for exams to shop and relax for a little bit. Our group theme is “Be Happy” and that is why we have foccused on having our stall display in a myriad of colours. We were also dressed colourfully to go along with the theme and we have a smiley tag hanged on our lanyards to spread the positive vibe around school.

We had a week to prepare for the event and all of us were tasked to do different things. While some busily prepare for logistics, some did our A&P. We put in a lot of effort and teamwork was crucial to make this event a success. We also discussed about the items that are feasible for our roadshow and through the discussion, we decided to sell:
1) Vapur bottles
3)S.I.X Accessories
4)Swarovski crystals
5) Mint sweets
6) USB Port
7)NYP Shirts
8) Laptop cases
9) The Face Shop Nail polish, nail polish remover and facial masks
10) Gfeel Iphone 4S cover

Next, we came up with a rough idea on the A&P. We picked ‘carnival’ as it is most suitable.

This is our signages for the event.

Set up started at 9.30am. The boys quickly got the fixtures up to the site and the girls brought the A&P down from the EMRS room.

Pictures of our team busily setting up our booth

Here are pictures of our final set up which was beautifully and colourfully done. An hour later we welcome our first customer who bought a bundle of socks from us. The crowd grew as lunch time drew closer. Response was overwhelming and we had a lot of fun at our very first event together.

We also went mobile-selling around school to promote our booth and generate sales. It was tiring but the sales from mobile-selling surpassed our expectations. Our hot items were the Petit series mint sweets and socks.

The event officially stopped at 3.30 pm and we were very happy with our sales. While the in-charge settled admin, finance and logistic matters, the rest packed up our stocks and fixture. The event was a success and we were satisfied with our progress for that day. We are happy we got to achieve our sales target, worked together well and had good time management.

On the day of result release, we were shocked to know that we got the overall best performing team. Good job to all of us!

Here’s to more events!