Friday, February 10, 2012

EMRS S2R2 2011/2012 Team Bonding Event

EMRS S2R2 2011/2012 Team Bonding Event 

The team bonding event was held on 2nd February 2012, which is the 2nd last week of EMRS for the semester 2 round 2 students.
This event was organized by EMRS students from Team 2 and 3.
The objective of this event was to allow students to bond and to have a memorable and enjoyable day to take away with them before they leave EMRS .
There were several preparations that the event ICs did before the event, such as thinking of games that can let the students bond together, buying of prizes, going over to Sentosa to conduct a site recee and doing the A&P. Preparations were completed before the day of the event.
On the actual day, the stations ICs went to Sentosa earlier to set up the logistics needed for their respective stations.

Above photo shows the ICs involved (from left to right) : Shau Hao, Xin Yu, Tri, Kia Wei, Mei Mun, Pei Rong and Zalikha.
The team bonding day kicked off with the Amazing Race cum Treasure Hunt. In each station, there will be one to two game IC/s present to facilitate the activities.
Actvities @ Station 1:
1.    To take photo with a woman in bikini (guys)
2.    Charade

Activities @ Station 2:
  1.     To sing either Spongbob, barney or doraemon (any 2)
  2.     Bury the team members in the sand within 8 minutes.
Activites @ Station 3
  1. To do of elephant spins 8 for girls and 10 for guys.
  2.    Pass the ball using back shoulder from one member to another and using hands to fill up three quarter of the bottle with sand.

Activities @ Station 4
  1.   To hit the ball and do not let it drop on the ground.
  2.    To identify between truth and lie.

At the last station, the teams were each given a challenging mathematics sum to solve so as to determine where the treasure is hidden.

The teams took an approximate of one and a half hours to complete The Amazing Race cum Treasure Hunt. Fortunately, it ended before the rain came. We then proceeded to Koufu for lunch.

After lunch, we then played captain ball and poison ball.

Then the scores were then tallied and the winner is ….

Team 1!

And Winston emerged the winner for individual poison ball game.
All the EMRS students had a great time at Sentosa. This is the only event which really allow us to let out our stress and played together. Due to the team allocation, we also got a chance to interact with other teams and bond with them better. We will never forget our journey in EMRS.