Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mini Road Show by Team 2

Finally, It’s our Mini Roadshow that all of us were looking forward to! The event was held on 22nd February 2012, between 10.30 am to 3.30pm at the NYP Linkway. The theme of our team for the roadshow was ‘Take a Break and Chill’.
                                                      From left first row: Wahidah, Jiamin, Mei Qin
From left second row: Xin Yu, Wei Keong, Roshini, Zhang Yu, Edwin

We were assigned to market and sell various Cheers products such as Pokka and F&N drinks and a variety of snacks.
Before the event, our team chose Wei Keong as the OIC, Jiamin as the Logistics IC and Wahidah as the A&P IC.After appointing the three main roles, we went down to Cheers to do up the stock transfer list by choosing the products that we would like to have at our booth.
After deciding the stocks that we want for our mini roadshow, our A&P IC, Wahidah, led us to brainstorm on how to advertise our products and we started on the A&P preparation.
During the setting up of the roadshow, Wei Keong said,” Lets go team, we can do this before 10.30am.”
Some of the popular items sold were Pokka Green tea, Pokka Honey Green tea, Yan Yan Original- Strawberry, Pocky Lychee and Milo Hi-CAL.

Edwin unloading the drinks to our shelf

Wei Keong hanging our signage

Our Pokka poster

Our Gfeel Iphone 4 cover poster

Our Bundle Specials

Hot selling snacks

The drinks for mobile selling

Wei Keong, Roshini and Edwin at work
Edwin attending to the customer

Wei Keong counting the money from our sales

Overall, our mini roadshow was a huge success due to our hard work and effort our team had put in. Because this was the first time that we held a mini roadshow, it was tiring and fun at the same time. We had a good time working together as a team and we also learnt that without teamwork, we would not be able to make this event a success. Moreover, we have learnt a lot during the process of this event such as planning, organizing, selling and promoting. Most importantly, we would like to thank our friends, customers and supervisors for supporting us. Without them, our event will not be a huge success! This event made our day and we look forward to many other events in the future.