Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Heaven On Earth! - Team 3

Team 3 was given the task of organizing a mini-roadshow, alongside with the other 3 teams in EMRS Round 3. The event was held on 22nd February 2012, between 10.30am to 3.30pm at the NYP Linkway, outside McDonalds. Two teams were allocated products from MSC Studio, while the other two, including our team, were given products from Cheers.

Situated right outside the left entrance of McDonalds, our team sold drinks, namely Heaven and Earth, Yeos, Fanta, and a bunch of snacks as well. Inspired but the freshness of a bottled “Heaven and Earth” drink, our booth was aptly named “Heaven on Earth”, revolving around a theme incorporating Greek Mythology, Angels and Nature. These were the various touchpoints we used so as to awaken our customers’ visual senses and at the same time giving them a taste of how “Heaven” is like. 

In all, we had a little over a week to prepare all our A&P (advertising and promotion) materials which include posters, signage, price tags, and the various aspects of visual merchandising. We were given a $20 budget to purchase these materials and other resources. As we were selling drinks, we were given an extra $10 budget to purchase ice.

To complement with the theme of our roadshow, our team dressed up as angels (white top and a halo head dress) and embellished our booth with a banner, Greek pillars, a mannequin dressed up as a roman holding up our price lists, and in addition, various footprint signage were also pasted on the walkway leading up to our booth, representing “The Stairway to Heaven”. Our posters were placed the entrance of the Atrium, and right outside the shopping arcade.

Setup was smooth and we completed it around 10am. When operations for the booth began, there was a moderate crowd flow at the beginning and started increasing during the lunch break period.  To boost our sales, a mobile selling team was mobilized to different places such as the various school blocks, the staff rooms and business centres. The team enjoyed the firsthand experience of handling the business process of running the booth and serving our various customers.

We were also given the opportunity to sell ‘GFEEL’ iPhone Covers, designed by students of School of Design, manufactured by the School of Engineering, and promoted by the students of School of Business. This is where our team comes in, promoting the iPhone covers via a poster, showcasing our students as models.

The event officially stopped at 3.30pm and everyone was involved in packing up. Some were keeping the stocks while others were cleaning up the area. Once that was done, we started putting back the fixtures to the fixture room and the various In-charge carried on with the stock take.

Overall, the event was an enriching experience for the team. The mini roadshow provided a platform for students to develop an entrepreneur mindset and expose students to a practical business process. The bond between our team members also strengthened as we worked together closely to tackle the different challenges that were thrown at us.