Monday, December 19, 2011

Team Building for EMRS S2/R2/2011

EMRS Team Building Day!
Team building was essential for the EMRS students as we were all unfamiliar with each other. Hence, 15th Dec afternoon was set aside for our team-building event to break the ice among each other. The game ICs spent $15 to buy prizes for this event.

First game: Whacko!
Our first icebreakers game is Whacko! Students were asked to sit in a circle, and one person will be chosen to stand in the center. A name will then be shouted & the person in the centre has to go to the person whose name has been called out & use the newspaper roll to gently tap the person. However, if the person whose name is called managed to shout another person’s name before he/she has been tapped, the person would have to go to the next person. The person who is in the centre will carry on this till he/she successfully taps on someone.
The teams played this game among themselves first before the whole of EMRS played this game together. This is to allow the team members to better know each other and for team bonding before they get to know the rest of the EMRS students.

Second game: Human Knot
Each team has to stand in a circle facing each other. Students then have to hold another student’s hands in a way whereby a knot will be formed. When the knot is formed, teams will then attempt to untangle themselves as fast as possible to emerge the winner.

Third game: Dog and Bone
2 teams were lined up in a straight line facing each other with a bottle in between them. Each student from each team is then given a number ranging from 1-9.
Whenever their number is being called out by the OIC, the student from each team would have to attempt to bring the bottle safely back to their team without being “touched” by the other team. The team who manages to bring the bottle safely back the most number of times wins!


The winner is TEAM 2! And for their efforts, they were presented with a packet of Lay’s chips to share.

The rest of the teams didn’t walk away empty-handed! They were also given some snacks to share among themselves.

The entire event ended within 2 hours. And you can see in many of the students’ faces that they were tired but the bonds & relationships that they have established with each other have definitely become stronger too!