Wednesday, December 14, 2011

FairPrice Christmas Bazaar

FairPrice Christmas Bazaar
Our final event was FairPrice Christmas Bazaar that was held from the 5th to 9th of December 2011 at the NYP atrium. There was a variety of products sold at the bazaar. The items include snacks, drinks, books, water bottles, printer and apparels. Although FairPrice did bulk in most of the preparation work, everyone in EMRS still gave their very best in helping their suppliers in selling their booth products.

Pre Event
For this event, EMRS came up with the design of the posters and email blast to raise awareness about the fair among the staff and students of NYP. Before the event, the OICs (Shirley & Hambali) met the FairPrice managers who were in charge of the fair and gave them a tour around the school so that they could do up the floor plan for the fair. The OICs also shared with the FairPrice managers on some of the possible items they can bring down to the fair which will attract the fellow students. Besides that, the OICs also had to allocate manpower based on the requirements given by FairPrice. Despite the lack of time, the OICs managed to complete the entire task given to them by working together effectively.

During Event
On the first day of the event, all of us had to help unpack the products and place them on the wagons provided. There were a total of 133 wagons to be set up!

The first day of the fair was one of the busiest crowds we have had for the 5 days held. Take a look at what happened.

We even held a lucky draw contest which is entitled to customers who spend $15 and above in a single receipt will get a chance to spin the lucky wheel!

As Christmas is coming, we also had a booth for customers who are interested to pre-order Christmas spreads for this important occasion!
On the 3rd and 4th day, our supervisors decided to create shifts. There was the morning shift and afternoon shift. Shirley was in charge of the morning shift while Hambali took charge of the afternoon shift. Everyone was happy with the shifts as we could take turns to work instead of having to stand at the Atrium for the whole day!

Final Day
On our final day, we had an early pack up which started at about 4pm. Our suppliers arrived early and needed help with packing up so all of us helped one another to pack up even though some were not our individual suppliers. We worked together as one and managed to finish packing up by 5.15pm!

The FairPrice Christmas Bazaar was a successful event. Our OICs’ aimed for a target of $15,000 for 5 days and we managed to exceed the target! The FairPrice managers were so thrilled that they gave us 8 tubs of Haagen Daz Ice Cream, Cornetto Ice Cream Cones and goodie bags as a form of reward. We enjoyed our last event very much and felt very privileged to be given an opportunity working with FairPrice.