Friday, December 2, 2011

Team Building for EMRS S2/R1/2011

EMRS, Team Bonding Day
On the first week of our stopover at EMRS, there were many unfamiliar faces and team bonding day was essential to help us break out of our shell and help nurture new friendships. Prior to team bonding day, team building IC had a budget of $20 to purchase prizes which include snacks and candies to be given out to the winning teams. Logistics needed for this event include cloth, cupboards, markers and name cards.
Before we commence the game activities, everyone was given name cards to differentiate themselves for easy recognition!

Ice Breaker Games!
2 Truths, 1 Lie

Every student had to introduce their names, and tell 2 truths, 1 lie about themselves.
Each time a person guesses a lie incorrectly, a “cross” will be marked on their name cards. Want to find out what happens to the person with the most crosses? Read more!
Halfway through the event, students from Yu Ying Secondary School joined us and each student was allocated to a team to participate in the activities as well.
Next, we moved on the “Egg, Chick, Rooster, Eagle, Superman game.” Basically, it’s just like “Scissors, paper, stone”. Each time you win in “Scissors, paper, stone”, you level up. (e.g. from Egg, you develop into a Chick). However, if you lose, you downgrade to your previous level.

The remaining 10 people who remained as Eggs get to spell “Superman” with their butt! HAHA!

Team Building Games!
The Cupboard Game
After much talking and mingling around the spacious area, we moved on to team building games which required a lot of communication, group effort and encouragement.

Each group had a piece of cupboard to shift all team mates from one end of the room to the other end using only their given cupboard. Winning team will win prizes!
Guess who won?

                                  TEAM 3!!!
Of course, everybody is a winner so everyone gets a small prize!

The entire day ended well and the estimated time for each game was also prompt. Team bonding day had infinitely bonded us closer as a class, and established many new friendships.