Friday, December 23, 2011

EMRS Christmas mini road show

Santa's Treats & Sips

We are Team 2 and this is our first time organizing a mini roadshow. The event was held on 21st December 2011, between 10.30am to 3.30pm at the NYP Linkway. Our booth was named ‘Santa's Treats & Sips’ to be in line with the upcoming festive holiday which is Christmas and also, it was the theme for the roadshow.

From left, Jivon, Janice, Pei Rong, Julia, Eileen, Aisyah, Yustina, Tri and Shao Hao

We were tasked to sell various products as we have different vendors that we dealt with. They were:
1)      Cheers (drinks and snacks)
2)      Mojojojo (apparels, totebags and accessories)
3)      Apple Street (phone accessories and usb cables)
4)      Capture Moments (Instax camera, films and mini albums)

Pre Event

Before the event, we divided tasks among the team members. We chose Jivon as the OIC, Eileen as A&P IC and Janice as the logistics IC.

Firstly, we went to Cheers to do up the stock transfer list by selecting the products we would like to have at our booth. Our main products were Pokka, F&N drinks and snacks. It was disappointing as we were not allowed to sell chocolates and sweets because what is Christmas without chocolate?

Eileen recording the stock transfer list

We then moved on to brainstorm on how we should plan the event to suit the given theme. After which, we started the A&P preparation which was headed by Eileen. Our core colours for our booth were blue, gold and silver.

Our Main Poster

Our Product Catalogue

Our Signages

Eileen trying to make the penguin stand up STAND

Us Helping up with the table doing decorations

Our Christmas Penguin standup on display

Our Overall booth set up

Our Attractive Hampers

Our Booth display


Our Mobile Selling Team

Us in checkered shirts!
Booth decorations on wire mesh

Team 2 Members -- Teamwork!

Customer choosing her apparels

Messages written by our customers
The event was a success and we felt a great sense of satisfaction. Although the event was tiring, it was a fun experience working as a team. We learnt a lot through pre event, during event and post event. We hope we could apply what we have learnt for the upcoming events. Before we ended our event, we said our cheers out loud, exactly at 3.30pm sharp!

Most importantly, we would like to extend our appreciation to all the customers, supervisors and friends who have supported us in making this event a success!!! We look forward to the next event: Open House 2012!!!


                                                        Cheers To The Joy of Christmas!

The mini road-show held on 21st December 2011. This is our first event in EMRS. We had one week to prepare for this road show with a budget of $20 to buy our A & P materials and $10 to buy ice to chill our drinks.

On the event day, we started on the set-up around 9am. We have to complete set-up by 10.30am. It was a little rush though but with our good teamwork we managed to complete everything before 10.30am.
As the theme for this mini road show is Christmas, all the team members wore a Christmas hat and we decorated our booth with Christmas socks, trees, snowflakes and snowman to further enhance the theme.




Though the road show officially commence at 10.30am, our team managed to sell our very first item – a tote bag at 10.15am! And as the time passed, more and more people started to patronize our booth.

A team photo before the event started!

Our hot selling item was the hello panda snack. It was sold out during the first half of the road show.
Check out the photos below featuring us in action!

The road show ended at 3.30pm. We had to pack up and clear all the unsold stocks back to fixture room. We also had to count all our earnings and unsold stock to make sure that everything tallied.
All in all, the mini road show was a refreshing experience for us. Not only has it taught us the basics to events, it has also trained us to stand on our feet for long hours!


The setting up:
“Santarina’s Xmas” was our booth name following the theme of christmas. The setting up went smoothly although there were some problems that we encountered such as, decoration not staying in place. Nevertheless our group managed to set up the booth within the given time. We were all satisfied and ready  for the event.

During the event:
We had a member in our team walking around the school promoting the items we were selling and encouraging them to patronize our booth.
“Santarina’s Xmas” sold mostly ladies product such as facial mask, nail polish, fashion accessories but also rock candies. Since most of our products were for the ladies, guys who patronised our booth will generally purchase the rock candies, the best seller which was sold out within a short 3 hours. Fashion accessories were also in demand during the event. Most of the ladies were attracted to the rings and bracelet.
To boost our sales, we had “mobile selling”. Facial masks were items featured for mobile selling. One of our members walked around the school to promote and sell them. This is because sales for facial mask were pretty slow at our booth, therefore we brought the product to the customer instead. The outcome was unexpected as we managed to sell off all the mask that we took  for mobile selling.

After the event:
The event officially stopped at 3.30pm and everyone was involved in packing up. Some were keeping the stocks while others were cleaning up the area. Once that was done, we started putting back the fixtures to the fixture room and the various In-charge carried on with the stock take. Overall we felt happy because we managed to handle the event well and it went smoothly. All of us bonded as a team as we work towards our given target.

Team 5

The Mini Road Show was an opportunity for our group members to gain a firsthand experience in organizing an event. It was held on the 21st of December from 10.30am-3.30pm at the Fastfood Linkway.

Event Day 

            Setting up of stall

On the actual day of the event, our team commenced the preparation of our booth at and we managed to complete preparations by 10:20am.

            Inspection By Supervisors

            Event Execution

Our team executed the event at 1030am. There was not much crowd at the beginning. Due to low human traffic, we started our mobile selling at 1130am in an attempt to increase our sales. As it reached 12pm, the crowd started to pick up and more people started to patronize our stall.


The event ended after 5 hours of frantic selling by our team. From this event, the team bonded further and we were able to obtain firsthand experience on how tough it is to organize an event as well as attain some entrepreneurial skills.

In conclusion, each and everyone in the team was exhausted from standing long hours but we felt satisfied at the end of the day as we exceeded our sales target!