Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Calender of Events for 26 April 11

1) IT Roadshow Preparation Day 2

Team 2 and 3 are busy designing posters for the upcoming IT Fair which will be held NEXT WEEK! All of them are cracking their brains for new ideas, hoping to make this fair a successful one!!

2) Bloggers at work :)

Had a briefing today to do intense online advertising for the Izing Karaoke Contest.

3) Izing Committee preparing Juding Sheet

Below is Geraldine using the cutter to cut the judging sheet nicely. The 1st round's judging sheet had uneven edges and were pretty small. After much work, this is our final piece :)

4) A &P Team with the voting booth preparation

This is Prasanth from Team 4, busy with the preparation for the voting booth. He seems to be enjoying what he is doing as part of the A/P team. With him are also Jessline and Gino.


the social media team are in the midst of planning and preparing a video that will include the whole footage of the auditions, semi-finals and the finals. It will include interviews too!

So now, we are waiting for tomorrow to come - the filming!