Tuesday, April 19, 2011

EMRS 2011 S1R1 iZing Karaoke Contest Recruitment

It's the 2nd day the new batch of us at EMRS to PROMOTE the iMUSAE Mobile Karaoke device and to RECRUIT participants for the Izing Mobile Karaoke Contest!

There were 6 of us from team 4 &5. Steve was the Emcee, Dahlia and Zan Hao were the singers, Joseph, Geraldine and I (Winnie) were the promoters of the product.

Zan Hao singing! :)

Today was more organised after the morning’s briefing of the product and the allocation of manpower for the event. We were more focused on promoting the product and then get participants for the contest, unlike yesterday which we focused on getting recruitments for the contest only.

We had an OVERWHELMING response of 26 participants for the contest today! In all, there are already 61 who have signed up for it, which had already exceeded our expected recruitment of 60 participants for the audition!

All thanks to the suppliers, Jimmy and Joan who had informed us more about the product so we could promote the device better. Through allowing fellow NYPians to try out the new product, we amazed them with the Mobile Karaoke functions and the quality of sound produced.

90% of the interviewees were surprised and amazed by the high quality Karaoke sound output from the earpiece as they talk or sing into the mini microphone of the device.

There were 80% of the interviewees who even wanted to purchase it on the spot even though they were told it would be sold at $50 each and it wasn’t for sales today. The rest either dislike the karaoke echo or found it too expensive.

I think the knowledge of the product and the testing of the product before the road show has allowed us to do our promotion better today.

Tomorrow, we would be continuing our promotion and the recruitment! Do continue to support us at our road show outside the shopping arcade tomorrow between 12pm to 3pm! You could be the winner of our grand prize, an iPAD!!!