Wednesday, April 20, 2011

iZing Karaoke Contest, Day 3

It’s the 3rd day of promotion of the Mobile Karaoke device!!

Today, despite having lesser of us at the booth due to club crawl, we managed to maintain our superb recruitment of 23 applicants and have a result of 62% success rate of the new product through our survey. The suppliers felt there was no need for emcees as there was little effect for the promotion of the event yesterday. Thus, the Emcee helped out with the promotion.

Since one of us, who were in-charged with the singing to attract attention of the passer-by wasn’t around, Winnie helped Zan Hao out and even sang a duet together!

Shortly after the performance by both singers, many came forward to the booth and asked about the iZing contest! Once, we had 8 applicants!

There were more people compared to the past few days coming up to us to ask more about the new product. This is quite an achievement for us!

Most who walked by our booth knew what was going on at our booth! They were telling their friends, “Karaoke”, as they point us while walking by.

So, tomorrow, we will continue to be at the booth at the same place ( outside shopping arcade) to promote the product and create greater awareness!

Do continue to support us by coming by! :)