Saturday, April 30, 2011

Izing Karaoke Audition

More contestants went for the registration at the last hours of the audition...

Ms Tess Tan, our teacher-in-charge, along with Ms Charmaine Khoo, one of the judges..

Our professional photographers, Claire and Yeow Shen

Winnie is giving instructions to a contestant on how to use the device.. Zan Hao and Mr Jimmy

Brendon Chua singing 'She will be loved' got himself into Semi Finals..

Alisa brought her friends to support her during the audition.

Fadzly, one of our 15 Semi finalists... He's cute. :P

Contestants nervously having their audition..

Ronamie, one of our 15 semi finalists, practising with the device.

Registration officially started. First contestant to arrive.

Setting up of booth