Thursday, January 12, 2017

Community & Team Bonding Event 2017

Community Event 2017

Date: 5 January 2017
Time: 9am to 11.30am
Location: Ren Ci Nursing Home

The community event was created to spread some joy during the festive season. It was also created to provide EMRS students an opportunity to plan an event. We contacted numerous charitable organisations and were finally able to secure a date with Ren Ci Nursing Home.

The objectives of our event are to spend some time with the residents at Ren Ci Nursing Home and to bring smiles to their faces by engaging them with activities such as a rooster puzzle game. To share the joy of this festive period, we prepared gifts related to the lunar new year for the residents.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Overall In-charge: Brian & Lisa
The roles for overall in-charge include contacting the homes, coming up with the activities to be carried out and ensuring that the whole team participates actively throughout.
  • Logistics: Cass & Julian
The roles of the logistics ICs include ensuring that the materials and tokens of appreciation are completed on time. They also brought the materials to the home and kept the extras with them.

Before the event, we got in touch with a number of homes, ranging from children's homes to elderly homes. After we confirmed that we will be visiting Ren Ci Nursing Home, we finalised a morning of activities to carry out with the residents. Activities included conversing with the elderly, putting together a rooster puzzle, playing chinese chess with those who are interested as well as singing Chinese New Year songs to them.

We went down to the nursing home for a recce to gather more information on the profile of the residents and the space we have to conduct activities. We also prepared tokens of appreciation for the residents - framed hand-drawn pictures and stringed origami cranes. Next, we split the 25 volunteers into 5 groups based on gender as well as language proficiency, ensuring at least one dialect-speaking member in each group.

Actual Event
Rachel, the in-charge from the volunteer department, greeted us warmly when we arrived at the nursing home. She settled us in a central room and gave us a brief introduction of the place. She went through the safety guidelines and the do's and don'ts of the nursing home.

After the briefing, we set off in our groups to cover 3 female and 2 male wards. At first, we were quite shy and afraid to interact with the residents at the home. Many of the residents suffered from various illnesses that affected their appearance or psychological well-being. This caused us to feel uneasy when approaching the residents. However, we quickly warmed up to them and found out that the residents there were very nice people, and many of them were very fun and interesting to talk to.

Many of the residents there also spoke dialects such as Hokkien, Teo Chew and Cantonese as their first language, with a minority speaking English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil. This posed a barrier when conversing with the residents as most of us could only speak English and Mandarin. Despite this language barrier, we tried our best to spend our time with the residents and provide companionship and a listen ear to them for the morning.

We spent a good 2 hours at the nursing home talking and interacting with the residents. We carried out the arts and crafts activity we had planned, sticking wings, beaks and other parts together to form a rooster, in celebration of the coming lunar new year. The residents at the home were very participative and enjoyed the event we had planned. We gave out the framed drawings and helped them tie the stringed origami to decorate their bed. Groups that had enough time were able to sing the songs we had prepared for the residents.

Post Event 
After the event, we thanked Rachel for giving us the opportunity to spend the morning with the residents at Ren Ci Nursing Home. We passed her the remaining tokens of appreciation so that they could be passed to the residents that we did not manage to cover.

Following the event, we did housekeeping for the EMRS room and ensured that everything was returned to their original state.

Conclusion & Learning Points

Prior to the visit, most of our team members did not have any experience visiting a nursing home, Through the community event, we were able to experience how life is like in a nursing home. This event also built a stronger sense of compassion and giving back to society in all EMRS members. We displayed a strong capacity for growth by developing qualities reflective of a responsible leader and citizen in the making by showing empathy towards those who are in need, and being grateful of what we have. Moreover, conversing with the residents really helped us break out of our comfort zone.

In conclusion, our team community event at Ren Ci Nursing Home helped us to develop a positive attitude, and improve our interpersonal skills and teamwork. Despite the difficulties we faced to engage the residents and execute the planned activities, we were able to spend time and interact with the residents, which is far more meaningful. Overall, it was a truly insightful and unforgettable experience.

Team Bonding 2017

Date: 5 January 2017
Time: 1.30pm to 4.30pm
Location: Novena

The team bonding activities were created as a means for the whole of EMRS to come together and enjoy and afternoon of activities together.

The objective of our event is to foster closer bonds among the team members of both team 2 and 3 by having activities which required team members to participate actively, interact with each other and get to know each other better through the activities planned.

Prior to the event, we brainstormed activities that require more interaction among members and strong teamwork. We prepared the logistics that we would need for the event, such as scrap paper, stationery and prizes. Also, we divided the members in a way that will maximise the opportunities for members to get to know people they would not usually mix with.

Actual Event
The event started off in United Square shopping mall, where everyone split up into their respective teams and started off with the first game, Picture Hunt. The first part of this game was to find animal dustbins and mimic their poses. Following that, the ICs handed out clues for the locations of the second part of the game, which required members to search for shops and take selfies with the store name. Ultimately, the initials were to spell out JIAYOU. This game also served the purpose of taking pictures with everyone as lasting memories.

After the indoor activities, we had games at the park beside United Square. We played spinning charades, mannequin challenge, human knot and many others. Brian also taught the groups a dance, and we had Ms Quek and Mr Sudesh to judge which team did it best. We ended off with a mass clap tree boat game and prize presentation.

Post Event 
We conducted a survey after the event to gather feedback from EMRS members regarding the team bonding activities. We found that 72% of participants felt that the duration of 3 hours was just right, and that the activities we conducted were extremely fun and engaging. Overall, the event achieved our objective of fostering closer bonds among team 2 and 3 members, with most members forging new friendships through the afternoon of activities.

Conclusion & Learning Points

After a tiring day, all 25 EMRS members went home with new and stronger friendships. The games we played were fun and enjoyable, and everyone had a great time. The team bonding activities also left us with a greater sense of teamwork and communication. The games played were specifically chosen to enhance teamwork and communication skills within EMRS. In conclusion, the team bonding activities provided a platform for the members of both teams to come together, have fun and create unforgettable memories.