Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas Fair 2016


Date: 13 - 15 December 2016
Time: 10:30am - 4:30pm
Location: NYP Atrium (Block A)


A team of enthusiastic students from Event Management & Roadshow (EMRS) Team 3 came together to organize our first mega event; Christmas Fair 2016 from 13 - 15 December 2016 located at Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) Atrium. Despite having the event handed over to us from the previous batch of EMRS Team 3; this event gave the whole team the opportunity to think on the spot if and when unexpected things happen. Moreover, the event has also allowed us as a team with different individual specialisation to apply many relevant knowledge during the planning an execution.


The OICs of the event managed to bring (on top of vendors sourced by the previous batch) in a total of 5 external vendors and 3 consignment booths such as Watsons, Lumiex, ShamelessSG, Totetease, BakersWorld, The Cover Affair, Okuhlt and LetsFloatSG. Each vendor carried different kinds of interesting products such as giant floats. cute socks. cosmetics and et cetera. This, helped to attract more crowd and allowed customers with varying taste to be able to enjoy exclusive deals.

The objective of this year's Christmas Fair 2016 is to celebrate the joyous and heartwarming festive season with NYP students and staff. Customers enjoy exclusive deals enjoyed exclusive deals during the three day fair. Through this event, we also brought convenience to our customers; as they are able to buy a Christmas gift for their loved ones.

Roles & Responsibilities
  • Overall in Charge: Vicky, Elizabeth, Cher Liang 
The roles for overall in-charge includes taking care of everyone and ensuring that the whole team is able to carry out their tasks well independently.

  • Advertising & Promotions: Cindy, Fakhrusy
Under advertising & promotion, the ICs had to design the event poster, flyers and promote the event through social media. word-of-mouth and et cetra.

  • Logistics: Ting Yu, Brandon
Under logistics, the ICs had to ensure the proper planning of the floor plan; including the equipment needed are placed in the right location.

  • Finance: Kiara, Ja Che
Lastly, our finance team had to man the cashier and POS system that was used only for products that were on consignment. They were also responsible for all money related matters (e.g. Mobile selling floats / POS floats).

Before the event, as a team; we came together and discussed on the theme of the event as it would help to standardised our posters and venue design. Our posters needed to be done within a tight deadline as approval from the director was needed before we could publicise the poster / flyers. Flyers were then given out to students around campus. Our team also came up with some A&P ideas to decorate the whole event venue to make it more lively and vibrant. Lastly, a snowman was handmade with love through the use of paper cups and a separate plinko board (nicknamed "Jingle Balls") was made for mystery gift purposes.





Our team also came up with handmade A&P materials to decorate the whole event venue to make it lively and vibrant

Actual Event (13 - 15 Dec)
Day 1
During the first day of our event, we took almost two hours to set up due to the lack of experience. The response from customers on the first day of the event was good as there was already a crowd that started to come in around 10:00am, which was before the actual start time. Moreover, during our free time, some of us walked around the campus to distribute flyers to further increase the awareness for the Christmas fair.

Day 2
On the second day, the whole team was already well versed with the setup and hence, everything was ready within an hour. However, we realised that there was not enough crowd at the atrium. Therefore, we decided to have mobile selling to boost our sales. Everyone was split into team as task to walk around the canteen / staff's rooms to sell our products such as socks, mac book covers and floats. At the end of the day, everyone managed to clear most of the stocks and everything went smooth as silk.

Day 3
On the last day, despite everyone being both mentally and physically drained, we pushed through and started to tear down at 4:00pm. Thereafter, we gathered all the feedback from vendors and received positive comments on the overall three days fair. By 5:00pm, everything went as planned and things were removed from the atrium to allow the next event to proceed with their set up.

After the event, we did housekeeping for both EMRS and Fixtures rooms and ensured that everything was returned back to their original state. Also, we did a final stock count for our consignment booths to ensure that all goods sold tallied with the sales figure before the vendors came and colected their remaining stocks.


Conclusion + Learning Points
In a nutshell, we managed to establish good teamwork and team spirit throughout the whole event, we also successfully executed the tasks that were allocated, communicated effectively among ourselves and taking initiatives to support one another when there is a need. Nevertheless, we all agreed that our communication within the team could have been better to ensure that everything done was consistent and well-organised.

Last but not least, as a team, we managed to meet our sales target with the cooperation of all the vendors as their products were sold very quickly and affordably to our target audience of NYP staff and students.