Friday, June 3, 2016

I.T. FAIR 2016 Electro! I.T Fair by Team 2 and 4

Date: 19th and 20th May 2016
Venue: NYP Atrium
Time: 1030am-430pm

We held a two day Electro! I.T. Fair at the school Atrium on 19th May and 20th May 2016. The fair sells a wide of range of electronic products and accessories such as earpiece, keyboards, hand phone covers, thumb drives and screen protector.

We started planning for the event for about 1 month before the actual event date. We had 2 OICs – Isaac and Dionis, 2 Finance ICs – Jeslyn and Sherlyn,  2 Logistics ICs- Bing Kang and Claudia and 2 A&P ICs – Xue Li and Fateen. We faced many challenges in the process of planning the entire event – from engaging different vendors to be a part of our IT Fair, structuring our floor plan, coming up with ideas to advertise and publicise our event and setting our target sales. In the end, we successfully secured 12 vendors consisting of both I.T. and lifestyle categories. In addition, we brought in 2 food vendors which were Fairy Floss and the popular Coolgurt!

On 16th May 2016, Kaira was the first vendor to deliver their stocks to us and some of us went down to collect the stocks and store it into room 409A. The rest of the vendors came with their stocks on the 17th and 18th May 2016.

A dry run - Setting up the booth!

During Event
19th May
The day have arrived. We were pretty excited about running the mega I.T. Fair event!
Team 2 and Team 4 reported to school at 8am in the early morning. We had a short briefing conducted by our Overall In Charge (OICs) and then everyone started to get to work! We went to the logistics room to bring out the equipment needed. After we completed the setup for our booths, we went to take down the stocks from the EMRS room. It was quite a hassle as the lifts were always occupied and there wasn’t enough trolleys! Then, some of us decided to carry the stocks with their hands. After we brought down the stocks, we had to arrange the stocks neatly.

The amount of floor plan changes we made.

200 lollipops were given out to promote our event!

Talented brothers from local band Scarlet Avenue performing!

Live Audio Set Up.

Setting up our booths!

One of our food vendors – Coolgurt!

Our cute I.T. letters painted by our A&P students!

Instead of using 2 poles to support the banner, we have used a spider web structure that was found in the logistics room! The banner was then tied to the structure using raffia strings before it was put up on stage.

We planned to set up everything by 10:10am but we took slightly longer to complete setting up. When the day ended, we had a de-brief and reflected on how we can improve our performance for day 2.

20th May
Day 2 of our event begins!
After we have gone through day 1 of the event, we were familiarised with the setting up, so we reported to school at 8:30am which was later than the previous day. As usual, there was a short briefing conducted and then we head down to set up our booths. We managed to set up our booths in 1 hour (8:45am - 9:45am) which was a huge improvement for us.

Our talented Soundcard school mates serenading us with songs from Avril Lavigne, Poison and Ed Sheeran. Everyone was so hyped up! Look at the crowd!

Our hardworking Finance ICs – Sherlyn and Jeslyn!

Our event has ended and it was indeed a tiring day for every one of us. However, it was a good experience for us to handle such a huge event. From this event, we have learnt communication is significantly crucial among the team members because we have to ensure that everyone are constantly updated and know what is going on. We have also learnt to be more proactive, take initiative and constantly motivate one another.

We are very thankful that we have been trusted to organise and execute such a big event in school! We certainly had a lot of fun during the process of planning this. It was definitely not an easy feat to plan an event because there were many risks and challenges along the way. However, with the constant support and word of encouragement from our friends and supervisors – we have made this IT Fair a successful one!