Wednesday, April 27, 2016

SBM Specialist Diploma Graduation 2016 - Team 2 & DBI Students

Specialist Diploma Graduation 2016 – Team 2 & DBI students

First day in EMRS and we were given our first challenge… SPECIALIST DIPLOMA GRADUATION.
We were still trying to settle down in a new environment but we had to crack our brains on the very first day!

Firstly, we had to settle our roles, such as the overall in charge (OIC), registration, ushers, logistics and one student helper for the handing out of certificates. Yaminah (Yams for short) volunteered to be the OIC for the team, Michael and Jerry were appointed to be the logistics in charge, Bing Kang to assist Mr Steven during the event, Jia Yan as the student helper, and the rest to be registration and ushers.

However, as the SBM students had to attend a workshop, there were slight changes in the roles where Dionis became the student helper instead, as the student helper needs to attend all rehearsals.

As you can see from the pictures below, we attended the briefings and rehearsals to prepare ourselves for the day!


The full dress rehearsal before the actual graduation, so exciting! We had to set up the props needed for the graduation.

Event Day
On the actual event, 22nd April 2016, logistics crew had to report at 11:30am to set up the venue, and student helpers who are assisting Mr Adrian and Mr Steven had to report at 1:00pm. As for the rest of the student helpers, they had to report at 2pm at LTD-2 and be prepared for the Graduation Ceremony to commence.
 Getting ready at the registration table.

A graduate at registration.

Such a beautiful ribbon done by Origami Master, Bing Kang!

Does our registration area look lovely? :D

 Half way through the registration, it started pouring heavily! With quick thinking, we placed two clothes rack and a basket right outside the theatre so that graduates and guests can place their wet umbrellas.
The director is giving a speech to the graduates.
Our supervisor, Ms Choo is one of the graduates receiving the certificate. Congratulation Ms Choo!

Post Event
After the event has ended, the logistics team quickly return to fixtures back to the fixtures room, like ninjas, while the others went to FOYER@B to have refreshments but due to overwhelming number of guests, we helped to usher them to the refreshments area.

In conclusion, the SD Graduation went perfectly smooth and we were glad to share the joy with the graduates. The event was a success, as the supervisors and graduates had a great time. Additionally, we have received feedback that we did a great job. We were proud to be a part of this event!