Friday, April 15, 2016

2016 CSP Exercise

The objective of the CSP exercise is for the students to talk to the PEM and plan out their timetable for the semester.
Roles the EMRS students took on
  •     Computer Lab assistant – To help students that need help with their time table
  •     Usher – To direct the students to the correct rooms
  •    Registration – To take the students attendance when they report for CSP
  •     Rooms IC –  To check on the rooms and send students from the holding room to their respective diploma rooms when there is empty seats
  •    Counselling rooms helper - Ensure that the students are at the correct room and the noise level is low

Pre event preparation
We were told that we are the team in charge of CSP in first few weeks of EMRS. That is when Andre and I the 2 OIC’S started planning for the event. However most of the information were only available closer to the event date, this hence require us to plan the detailed things within a short time, and to ensure that everything would be ready by the event day.

The room allocation and the people In charge of those rooms

The students who register at the reporting room, will be given a number card where there is instructions and reminder at the back of it. This is to allow us to track the students more easily and let us know whether the students have completed the entire exercise.


                                                The registration room layout on the event day

                                                The layout of the counselling rooms

                                                   How the com lab look like on the actual day

                    EMRS students helping to solve the student’s problems about their time table

At the end of the day, CSP was me and Andre’s first time being overall in charge for an event in EMRS. It was a very enriching and fun event as we get to make decisions and lead my fellow EMRS students and complete this event together. The event went smooth in the end event though there were many hiccups along the way such as pasting the wrong diploma signages at the wrong room. We would like to thank the supervisors for their guidance and ensuring that we are on the right track and correct us when we make a mistake.