Tuesday, May 24, 2016

SBM Graduation 9th May 2016

SBM Graduation 2016
It’s the Graduation week once again! It was segmented to three different sessions: morning, noon and late afternoon, each consisting of various diploma cohort. It’s the period where every graduates say goodbye to their fellow classmates and friends. 3 years of Polytechnic education have passed by in the blink of an eye…

In regards to this event, EMRS team 2 and 4 had to attend a briefing conducted by Mr.Puar to understand the flow of the event, roles, time and dress code. This time round, we had to collaborate with the Executive team (E-team) to plan out the allocation of manpower, the roles and also the schedule for everyone. As the in-charge, Cheu Le and Jia Ling had to meet up with the E-Team members to come up with a suitable plan. After discussing, both of them briefed us on the details for the events such as the specific role for everyone. A week before the event, we went to borrow Blazers from the school (thankfully we don’t have to buy it!) as we had to wear Formal during the event.

In addition, EMRS team 2 and 4 had to attend a few rehearsals to understand how the whole event is going to work. Additionally, we had to pretend to be a graduate and go up on stage to receive the certificate.

Through this, we were able to feel how it was like to be graduating. It was actually a good experience and it felt as if we have graduated 1 year earlier!

During Event
On 9th May 2016, it was the actual SBM Graduation Day! For those people who were in-charge of the morning shift, they had to report at 7am, which means they have to wake up super early! Too bad for them!

Most of us were in charge of the registration booth where graduates register themselves. After that, they proceeded on to put on their graduation gowns. The rest of us were supposed to help out in the ushering duties, demonstrating on how to receive the certificate on stage as well as facilitating the large crowd. After the ceremony ended, some of us had to usher the parents or guests to the reception area for refreshment.

The scene was quite chaotic as there were hundreds of graduates and guests for every session. So, it was a challenge to control the crowds but we managed to do it with the assistance of the E-Team Members.

 After the ceremony started, those who finished their primary roles went to the pre-function room to stand-by to assist where needed.

Graduates registering.

What an elegant smile!

Facilitating the crowds.

The number of guests in the Auditorium is shocking!

The day was finally over and we were done with our job! It was indeed a tiring day but being able to see the smiles of the graduates made everything worth the while. We were so glad to be part of this event as we are able to see how the ceremony is like.

The best part is that we were able to get FREE food! Yums… We have never been to such an awesome reception before. The reception area had a wide variety of good and the food was very good! When we say it’s very good, it really mean that it’s super good! It was so nice that some of us wanted to take some food back secretly.

Through this event, we have learnt that communication and teamwork are very important because we had to coordinate with the E-Team and there were many people involved for this event. As such, we had to make sure that everyone are clear of what they are expected to do for this event.

Last but not least, congratulations to the graduating classes of 2016, and we wish you all the best in your future endeavours!