Thursday, May 26, 2016

NYP Graduation Flower Sales 2016

Dates: 6 May 2016 - 12 May 2016
Venue: NYP Atrium
Time: 8.00AM - 8.00PM

About the Event
The NYP Graduation Flower Sales 2016 took place at NYP’s Atrium from the 6th May to 12th May respectively. It was organised by EMRS Team 3 and Xpressflowers. A total of 12 of us were involved in the sales of the various types of flower bouquets.

By the end of the first week, the OICs of our team, Kerina and Samuel, had come up with a well-organised schedule. It clearly indicated the exact reporting time, break time, as well as shift timings. They also deployed manpower to be cashiers and salespeople.

The posters were created by Wei Han and Ayn, who were in charge of the Advertising & Promotion (A&P). They had a rough layout of posters by the middle of the first week and completed them by the 3rd of May. The posters were placed around the school campus, with at least one poster stand at each school.

 The banner was made through a joint effort of team 3 and through much deliberation and thought, our final product was born.

On the 5th of May, a day before the actual event, we retrieved the necessary equipment from the logistics room and started to set up our booth. We revised our roles and conducted a dry run on how the customer would interact with each point in our booth.

On the very same day, a few of us who were appointed to be the cashiers for the entire event also learnt to operate the POS machine.

Actual Event
There were a few changes made throughout the event as well as various challenges faced. Our initial flow of the transaction process is as follows. We had wanted our customers to look at the display of samples on the wire mesh, after which that they would choose their specific bouquet at the start of our booth which would then be brought to the holding area. Succeeding payment at the cashier, customers would finally be able to collect their flowers at the collection booth.

However, when the event started, we realized that the collection counter was redundant when there was a slow but steady stream of customers and was only useful when a large crowd arrived, which in turn, rarely happened. Thinking on our feet, we decided to close the collection booth and convert the holding area to a reserve area for customers who have paid. This greatly improved the flow of the booth and like a well-oiled engine, we started to take off.

To promote Mother's day, we attempted to have a roving team of students who would try and sell flowers on the go. However the response we received was lacklustre as most students were unapproachable and it would be more efficient if the students stayed at the booth. Thus, we had to dismiss this method of selling.

Another complication that arose was that some of the bouquets which had arrived were dissimilar to those which we had advertised. The types of flowers and bouquets that came each session varied in terms of pricing, wrapping style and size.

We displayed the various samples of bouquets on the wire mesh. This was to enable the customers to have a closer look at the bouquets available and before they purchase their preferred bouquet. However, due to the inconsistency and at times shortage of flowers, we made the decision to take down the samples during busier sessions and use the empty wire meshes as a barricade to prevent unauthorised personnel from accessing the stock.

During the five days of the event, there were changes made to the stipulated opening and closing time. We had to open later due to the inconsistency in the delivery time of flowers and closed the booth earlier as there was a lack of a crowd towards the end.

There were various roles that needed to be attended to, someone to restock flowers, someone at the front of the booth to attend to the customers and others to make sure the flowers were presented correctly and adequately watered. Most of these roles overlapped each other and would have caused complications. However due to the teamwork and camaraderie we had formed as a team, we were able to communicate well and work as a whole to make sure everything ran smoothly.

Also many customers were unsure about what flowers to purchase, we approached them and provided them the information on which flowers would be appropriate.

Nearing the end of the event, as we began to tear down the booth, we were more efficient with our time and managed to dismantle the booth quickly. After all the equipment were safely put back into the fixtures room, we were elated to find out that we had over exceeded our projected sales figure twice.

We had learnt new skills through this event which included the wrapping of bouquets, proper customer service and efficiency. Furthermore, this event has also helped us to polish up our ability to work as a team.