Monday, January 4, 2016

Events Specialization Day

Event Specialisation Day 2015 – Team 2

Date: 9th December 2015, Wednesday

Event Specialisation Day is an ICA for our Business Management students who specialises in Events Management. This is an important one day event and it is a requirement for students to set-up their booth and present their ideas to the judges.

Pre Event:
1 week before the event day, a briefing was conducted by our team members to the students in the lecture hall.

End of the briefing; students drawing lots for their table numbers.

The floor layout that we came up with for the event.

Event Day Set-up:

On the day of the event, the team decided to report as per normal because the event only started at 2.00pm. We worked hard to ensure that we were set up and ready by 12.30pm.

Checking all the fixtures before moving them to the atrium!

Our team arranging the tables according to the floor plan.

The arrangement of the tables are almost done.

The floor plan with table numbers were placed at the escalators.

After all the preparation, we are ready for the event! The setting up of fixtures were done faster than expected and we were ready by 11.00am.

Event Day (setting up of booths by students):

At 12.45pm, students started setting up their booth. It was exciting to see the booths taking shape.

Event Day:

Look at all these creative and cool booths! It will soon be the time when judges arrive!

The booths set up by the Events Specialisation students, were definitely an inspiration for all of us.

Event Challenges:

After the students finished the set-up, the team went round inspecting the various booths. We even had the chance to test the students’ games. During the course of this inspection, we came across a few booths where there were potential hazards.

There were students whose events included dart games. It was dangerous as the darts were thrown at a target which was in an open area.

Another challenge we faced, were teams asking for change of tables to allow them to put up their bamboo stick banners by tying them to the exam table legs. We had to reallocate the tables accordingly.

As we did not provide chairs, the student groups ended up “borrowing” them from the E-canteen. After the event, we had to constantly remind them to return the chairs that they borrowed.

Post Event:

Although the event was scheduled to end at 5.00pm, there was a delay because the lecturers couldn’t finish assessing all the booths. At around 5.30pm, students started tearing down their booths after the judges graded their concepts.

After the event has ended, a group photo was taken to commemorate the end of Events Specialisation Day 2015.

Our team clearing out the fixtures after the students had torn down their booth.

With Love, Team Woah

Planning and executing the event gave our team a chance to learn how to overcome obstacles and make on the spot decisions. All in all, we had fun.