Thursday, December 31, 2015

Retail Entrepreneurship Fair 17.12.2015

Retail Entrepreneurship Fair

Date: 17 December 2015
Venue: Outside D'Studio
Time: 11:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

About the Event: Also known as Retail Specialisation Day, this is the final year entrepreneurship project for students pursuing a Diploma in Business Management with Retail Specialisation. These students setup booths selling different merchandises to have a hands-on retail business experience. Another TEP Centre of SBM, MSC also had their Christmas Event concurrently with the fair.

Our Role and Objective: EMRS Team 3 has been tasked to assist in the event by providing fixtures and supporting the publicity activities to raise awareness for this event.

Photo: Poster designed by EMRS Team 3 for the Event

Pre-Event: Prior to the event, we were mainly involved in the A&P activities such as designing of and setting up the main event poster, individual team posters also coordinating some logistical matters with the lecturers and students.

Event Day:

EMRS had to complete setup by 10:30 a.m. for the students to prepare their booths to be ready for sales by 11:00 a.m. Some of the students were already present at the booth as we were setting up the event area. As such, we provided them with their requested fixtures as we continued to setup the event area.

Retail Specialisation Students and EMRS Team 3 setting up at the Event Area, ensuring that the equipment are placed in line with the floor plan.

The sound system was also utilised to create an the lively and joyous ambience in the event area by playing music and allow the students to make publicity announcements to the crowd in the event area.

Entrance to the Shopping Arcade where the event was held.

Team Booths:

There were slight delays in the teams' booth preparation and only one team was operational at 11:00 a.m. However, all teams subsequently completed their set up and were ready for sales by 11:20 a.m.

Retail Specialisation Lecturer Ms Lee briefing one of the teams.

EMRS Team 3 had a support desk at the Event Area to offer immediate support to the teams if any assistance was needed during the event to provide maximum assistance so as to minimise disruptions to their sales activities as it is their graded Final Year Project for the Retail Specialisation Students. The support desk was staffed by two team members at any point throughout the event.

Photo: The two OICs for Retail Specialisation Day, Wayne and Jia Cheng

Crowd shopping at the event area.


Teardown commenced soon after the event ended at 4:30 p.m. By 4:50 p.m the students have mostly packed up their inventories and personal belongings. EMRS Team 3 also packed up the event area and returned the utilised fixtures back to the fixtures room.

Retail Specialisation Students packing up their individual booths.

EMRS Team 3 students packing up the event area. The team was present to help in the packing which sped up the process.

Before Cleaning up the Event Area

After the event, litter was seen at some parts of the event area. Some black stains were also observed on the ground which could be caused by the Sound System. We borrowed cleaning tools from the school cleaner and MSC and cleaned up the event area together restoring the area to its pre-event conditions.


Overall, we considered the event successful as the event went on smoothly with minimal setbacks. 

For the common fixtures that all student teams were provided with, we provided identical fixtures for fairness and we also tested them and did a minor overhaul to ensure that all are in optimal operating condition. We also provided instruction sheets to the teams with regards to personal belongings, cleanliness, fixtures and safety.

A preliminary survey with the students found that the crowd and sales were within their expectations considering the location. However, feedback was also received that more A&P activities could be done to create higher event awareness. In this aspect, we also assisted the students in distributing their team flyers during the event.